My Next Craftsy Class – Win It Before You Can Buy It!

So I have three huge projects releasing this year. #1 is my third book which comes out next month. #2 is a new thing I’ve never done before which will be shown at fall market (sorry for the tease!), and #3 is my second Craftsy class which goes live next week – Startup Library: Quilting.

To say it’s been a busy year is a bit of an understatement, but now that most of the work has been done comes the fun part – I get to tell you all about it!

Startup Library Quilting

In class, I’ll teach you how to make the colorful Friendship Stars quilt from start to finish!

Startup Library: Quilting is different from the first class I released earlier this year (The Quilter’s Path) and it’s much more in-depth. Whereas the first class focused on machine quilting and included a free quilt pattern for you to make on your own, Startup Library: Quilting takes you step-by-step through the entire process of making a quilt, while working your way through the colorful Friendship Star quilt that I designed above. It also includes the free pattern plus bonus machine quilting diagrams.

The class is geared toward those who are just discovering quilt-making for the first time, or for other crafters who are adept in their own hobby, but want to give quilting a try.

Christa Quitls - Craftsy Class Startup Library Quilting

I love sharing tips and tricks that make piecing easier and more fun!

I was really excited to teach this class because I often lament the fact that I can’t teach everything in a one-day quilting workshop! This class covers all the basics: cutting, piecing, basting, quilting and binding in an in-depth set of 14 lessons.

Although aimed at beginners, I think it’s a great resource for more experienced quilters who want to freshen up their binding skills, or learn how to baste and prevent puckers while quilting! Plus I’ve thrown in tons of tips throughout the class including how and why I starch my fabrics, how to cut and piece efficiently, and many more.

Friendship Stars Quilt Assembly by Christa Watson from Startup Library Quilting

The pattern to make the quilt is included in the class!

When I filmed my first class, the number one feedback I got was how nice it was that students could actually watch me manipulate a “real” quilt under the machine. Well in this class, you’ll get to watch me perform every step of the process, on an even larger quilt! I compare it to watching someone cook rather than simply reading a recipe – you’ll be able to learn all the little tricks that I do, that I don’t even realize I’m doing!!

Machine Quilting with Christa on Craftsy

The class includes all the finishing steps – basting, quilting and binding.

Giveaway – Win it Before You Can Buy It!

I’ll chat a bit more about the class next week when it launches, but in the meantime, I want to award TWO (yes 2!!) lucky winners with a free copy of the class! To enter, just leave me a comment letting me know what’s the one aspect of quilting you need a little bit more practice with. Chances are, I’ve covered it in class! I’ll choose the winners next Monday morning, before the class goes live on the site.

Of course, you are all winners in my book!! So if you haven’t yet signed up for my first class, click here to get 50% off The Quilter’s Path. Both of my classes work nicely together, as well as standing on their own individually. And the best part is, you can watch them over and over again!

Finsihed Quilt - Startup Library Quilting - Craftsy class by Christa Watson

I just love cuddling up with a freshly made quilt – don’t you??













328 thoughts on “My Next Craftsy Class – Win It Before You Can Buy It!

  1. Bonnie Bohnet says:

    I am new to your site, and looking forward to following it more closely. I’m with Pat D… I have a poor sense of colors, other than those in a picture. I’m not bad when given a black & white, but give me color and I cant seem to see past those colors. I’ve never machine quilted. I have thought about it, got everything ready for it, then chickened out and ended up hand quilting, but with old age and arthritics in my right hand, those days are becoming more limited.

  2. highm8ntce says:

    I really need help with boldness in creating a quilt from a pattern using my own fabrics and not just replicating ones already made. I guess I am afraid that once I cut cut fabric and it doesn’t turn out like I wanted it that I’m just throwing beautiful fabric and money away. How do you get through that?

  3. Karen Brasington says:

    I am new to quilting, so I would love to learn how to quilt on my home machine as well as to learn more than stitch in the ditch! Really need to build up my self confidence!!

  4. Linda Batz says:

    I need advise on where to start quilting my quilt … in the middle and work out … or side to side … and how to manage the bulk of the quilt on my domestic machine … 😊

  5. Janice King says:

    Well, Christa, I have several problem areas! First of all, lining my fabric up to cut true straight of grain pieces! My wife straps seem to always “mountain” in the middle…ugh! Next, those pesky snowballing the corners! They are either too big, wonky, or too short for the edges!! I’ve tried drawing lines, pressing, eyeballing the diagonal line, to monitor avail. I see them in a pattern and weep! We want even get started on choosing fabrics for the quilt! Give me a directional kit anytime! Really need your class!!!

  6. tmuscara says:

    Visualizing a quilt from start to finish is a challenge ~ but I am benefiting from watching The Quilter’s Path and I am very excited about this new class and concept! ♥️

  7. BjoLiz says:

    I usually want to have a thread color to match the top and much of the time, my backing really would look better with another color. How do you decide? Different backing? Different threads top and bottom? Does quilting straight lines take you as much time as me? Spirals, Greek key, meandering, seem so much quicker.

  8. Maureen Dobranski says:

    I have trouble with an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance and have trouble figuring out or picturing in my mind how I should quilt it. And even though I have done some free motion quilting I still am a nervous wreck when I sit down and attempt it. Any help would be very welcome. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. Shona says:

    Where to start! I have problems whenever I am stitching backwards or where I can’t see well. Also anything with a curve eg spirals or circles are a difficulty. (Funnily enough pebbles seem to go OK.)
    And then there is picking the design – always a problem.

  10. Lauri Gonzalez says:

    Honestly, I’m just starting quilting and working on cutting my first fabric now. The one aspect of quilting that I need a little more practice with is…HOW to quilt! I would love the opportunity to learn!

  11. Dixie M says:

    Quilting the sandwich of completed top, batting & backing seems to be my stumbling block. Get things to that stage & progress stops.

  12. Joan says:

    I have only quilted one quilt with my domestic machine and it was pretty much all straight line work. I hope to get more confidence to jump into free motion quilting.

  13. Karyl Panion says:

    I’m a new quilter, and it seems that no matter how accurate I try to be when cutting and sewing, I often have trouble getting my pieces to match up nicely. Also, I struggle with the bulk of the quilt while quilting on my home machine.

  14. Roberta Johnson says:

    I have trouble deciding what quilting looks best on my quilts. In other words, what to put where.

  15. LynneP says:

    I have am not comfortable with machine quilting and therefore have “quilted by check” for years. Now, I finally want to become a better FMQer.

  16. Lyndalee says:

    I have trouble deciding what pattern goes with the quilt pieces. Some guidance or formula would be helpful. Thanks for you free pattern.

  17. Beth says:

    Once I have finished assembling the quilt, I am ready to panic. Squaring the quilt, layering, basting, QUILTING, oh my!

  18. carol says:

    Some how I am getting “pieces turned around” as I go from the layout to the sewing machine. No matter what I pin, mark, lay out, etc. I can still get turned around. Drives me crazy. It is always a surprise when I lay everything out again the process.

  19. cswitz728 says:

    Excited to see your new class!! I am fairly new to quilting, still haven’t gotten my nerve us yet to do an actual quilt. A class might be what I need to push/want to make a Quilt..

  20. Christine Westbrook says:

    Hi Krista! I really learned a lot from your first course and I especially appreciated how you showed us how to manage the quilt under the needle, such as viewing the quilt on a diagonal. I just purchased a Bernina Q20, so I really would like to learn more free motion designs and how to decide what to quilt where for the best impact. Thank you!

  21. Sheri Cates says:

    Definitely my problem is quilting too heavy. So designing the quilting to flatter and not overwhelm the quilt

  22. Carolyn says:

    What to quilt and where are my 2 biggest headaches when starting to quilt a project. Hoping I will be lucky enough to win your class and hopefully gain more knowledge. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. Elaine Schoenberger says:

    I have trouble deciding what quilt designs to use and the getting up the nerve to put my foot to the peddle and start. Because of that I have several quilt tops that have never be finished and given as gifts.

  24. Kathy Wirth says:

    I need to become more knowledgeable about binding. I’d also like to learn more about quilting on my home machine. I have several tops done and I’m actually frozen about quilting. I want to finish them so I can donate them. I’m on SS and money is to tight for me to buy a class. It’s generous of you to give away not one but two classes! Thank you for your generosity!

  25. pilgrim313 says:

    I’ve mastered scrolly loop de dos but want to do more. I’d love the chance to win a Craftsy class.

  26. Debbie Gauvain says:

    Hi Christa!
    Thanks to you & Craftsy for the generous prize! I am very new to Quilting- still working through my first quilt- a Craftsy BOM sampler. Each section is a new skill, but I’m most anxious about quilting the top. And the binding.

  27. Connie Jordan says:

    I have lots to learn but making my quilts color spectacular and the quilting designs that would work best are my problem areas.

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