Introducing my second fabric line – Fandangle – from Benartex/Contempo

Fandangle is a silly but real word that means “excess ornamentation or embellishment.”
It includes a total of 20 fresh, geometric prints in two colorways – cool and warm.

Fandangle Fabric by Christa Watson Cool Colorway

These 10 prints are from the cool colorway of Fandangle

I named this collection Fandangle as sort of an inside joke to myself. It’s  tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that I don’t actually embellish or be-dazzle my quilts with any type of bling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but it’s just not my style.

Fandangle Fabric by Christa Watson in the Warm Colorway

These 10 prints are from the cool colorway of Fandangle.

Fandangle Fabric Designs

The names are super fun and playful, too! Here’s a little bit more about each design:

“Baubles and Bits” is a medium to large scale print with fun flourishes. If you look closely, you can see a nod to my previous collection with the inclusion of some subtle boxes – one of the prints from Modern Marks. To give the print more depth, I also added some scattered triangles, and just the tiniest hint of beads, which show up more prominently in its own print.

Fandangle Fabric, Baubles and Bits print

Baubles and Bits comes in two colors: teal and red.

“Sparkling Squares” features retro star bursts and fun flourishes This is a companion print to Baubles and Bits but on a much smaller scale. I love being able to take a design element and try it out in different configurations – just like creating a quilt layout, right??

Fandangle fabric - Sparkling Squares

Sparkling Squares comes in two colors: teal/multi and orange/multi.

“Triangle Trinkets” is based on one of my modern machine quilting designs. But I didn’t want this print to read as a simple line drawing (I saved that idea for Paper Cuts, below.) This would make a fabulous backing print: you could quilt your quilt from upside down, following the outline of each triangle to add depth and dimension to your quilt!

Fandangle fabric -Triangle Trinkets

Triangle Trinkets comes in three colors: peach, lime and teal.

“Beaded Curtain” was inspired by another one of my machine quilting designs, “string of pearls.” But if you look closely, you’ll see all sorts of fun shapes – ovals, rectangles, squares, and there’s even some quirky triangles in there (another shape from Modern Marks).

Fandangle fabric - Beaded Curtain

Beaded Curtain comes in four colors: red, pink, lime and turquoise.

“Paper Cuts” looks most like one of my free-motion line drawings. I based it off of my “jagged stipple” motif, which many of my students tell me what their regular stipple looks like anyway. So they can rest assured that it’s a bona-fide modern design, NOT just a “creative” mistake, LOL!! I thought Paper Cuts was a more descriptive name that fits in with the artsy theme.

Fandangle Fabric Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts comes in four colors: yellow, orange, green and turquoise.

“Confetti Crosshatch” is the most versatile of the group. This is a remix of “Crosshatch” from Modern Marks, but on a smaller scale. It’s a prefect blender print and works fabulous as a background or binding. I was thrilled to include two shades of gray!

Fandangle fabric - Confetti Crosshatch

Confetti Crosshatch comes in five colors: light gray, red, lilac, teal and dark gray.

Feel free to pin and share any of these images to spread a little Fandangle fun with your friends. Then ask your favorite quilt shop to order Fandangle next time they meet with their Benartex/Contempo sales rep.

Fandangle Fabric Line by Christa Watson

Fandangle fabric by Christa Watson for Benartex released Summer 2018.

For Consumers:

Click here to purchage Fandangle yardage and bundles
Click here to purchase quilt patterns featuring Fandangle.

For Retailers:

Contact Benartex, Brewer, or Checker, or EE Schenck to purchase Fandangle fabric wholesale.
Contact me: for wholesale pattern orders.

11 thoughts on “Introducing my second fabric line – Fandangle – from Benartex/Contempo

  1. Pamela Reim says:

    Congrats! We so enjoyed your visit to our Guild in Eugene OR. I also enjoyed your article about the design process for your fabrics.

  2. Suzanne G says:

    I am not much of a fan of very modern quilts, except for what you make. Yours are always lovely with a wonderful balance and contrast of colors.
    I am ridiculously picky about color combinations, to the point where my best friend considers me a nutcase! As a “once-and-former” art student, colors evoke feelings for me and certain warm colors impact me very negatively so I rarely use them. (Yes, I really am a wacko). The biggest offenders for me are browns, golds, mustards, and corals – ick! But since I started quilting I’m trying to stretch myself so to speak, and have managed to use some of those colors in my most recent quilt.
    If I currently had the finances, I’d buy SCADS of your new line of fabrics – all of it! I LOVE all of the patterns and the colors, especially the “Baubles & Bits” – they have a hint of the 1960’s era (my teenage years). You’ve outdone yourself; they coordinate perfectly and are simply spectacular!! Congratulations on the new line and may everthing you design be as well-received and successful. You are a kind, warm-hearted and generous human being and you deserve this type of success.

  3. Sandy Crabtree says:

    Love your new fabric line!
    I just returned from a trip to Australia. Christa, you will have a great time there, and I know you will be inspired by the fabulous Aboriginal art you will see. I can’t wait to see how you will incorporate it in your work. Enjoy!

  4. Dawn says:

    These are great! Congratulations. I love any collection with teals and grays to add to my stash. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

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