Introducing My Third Fabric Line from Benartex – Abstract Garden

As I head off to quilt market later this week, I’m excited to introduce my third fabric line – Abstract Garden – from Benartex Contempo Studio. It mixes well with my other two lines, Fandangle and Modern Marks, but it features all new prints and some new colors, including purple!! It will ship to stores December/January.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson for Benartex Contempo Studio

Abstract Garden was inspired by my love for gardens, even though I have a hard time keeping anything alive!! I prefer abstract, geometric designs to realism so you won’t even find an actual floral print in any of the designs, yet they evoke things you might find in a “real” garden: Raised Beds, Trellis, Blooming Roses, Picket Fences, Tracks, and Seeds.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson for Benartex

For a limited time, I’m offering fabric bundles of Abstract Garden along with 4 new patterns to help showcase the line!

Abstract Garden Quilt Patterns

Click here to get the Abstract Garden quilt patterns.

Abstract Garden Fabric Designs

I created this collection of 20 prints divided roughly into color groupings of red/pink, yellow/orange, blue/purple, and teal green. It includes a total of 6 different prints with a few lighter hues to give a bit of sparkle to any quilt or fabric project you’d like to make!

Raised Beds

This large scale print incorporates elements of the other prints in a really cool, graphic layout. This print is perfect for quilt backings, borders, bags, clothing, and and other projects where you really want to show off the fabric. It comes in two colors – orange and purple.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Raised Beds


This is my version of a “modern plaid” – asymmetrical and a little bit irregular, but full of color and movement. It’s also reminiscent of one of my favorite walking foot quilting designs that I like to do – wavy plaid. Each of the “squares” measures about an inch and it comes in three colors – red, orange and blue.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Trellis

Blooming Roses

This is definitely my favorite print of the group, inspired by one of my favorite machine quilting designs, swirls! I really wanted to make this print in every color of the rainbow, but I had to stop myself at five colors – fuchsia, orange, green/aqua, blue, and purple.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Blooming Roses

Picket Fences

This is my other favorite print of the group! I originally came up with this design back when I was creating my first line, Modern Marks. I couldn’t make it work with that line, which is why I’m thrilled that I was able to tweak it and include it now with Abstract Garden. It comes in three colors: fuchsia, mustard, and green/aqua.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Picket Fences


I love dots! But rather than going with the standard polka, I wanted my dots to have some personality and work with the theme of the collection! Seeds features splotchy spots on a colorful background in three different hues: red, yellow and turquoise.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Seeds


Of course you are going to find tracks in your garden! But what kind of tracks? Are they bunny tracks? Tire tracks? Your imagination is the limit!! I needed a few lighter prints to soften up the line and am pleased to offer it in four colors: pink, light green, light blue and light purple.

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson Tracks

Show Your Work

Now I’m excited to see what folks start making with my fabric! It will be hitting stores this December so be sure to ask your local quilt shop to contact Benartex to place an order. Be sure to use the hashtag #abstractgardenfabric on social media so I can see what you create!

Abstract Garden by Christa Watson for Benartex Contempo

Click here to pre-order bundles of Abstract Garden

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