Color Weave Color Options – The Quilt Along Begins Next Week!

We are less than week away from the start of my Color Weave quilt along and I can’t wait! I love getting people excited to quilt their own quilts and I’m going to be there, cheering you on every step of the way from cutting to binding!

Color Weave Quilt Pattern

Three Color Version

Below is an earlier version of the quilt I made for a magazine when testing out the design. It’s actually smaller than the one in the pattern, but it shows the same quilt using 3 solid colors instead. I will be focusing on the rainbow version during this quilt along, but the Color Weave pattern includes step by step instructions for both options.

Color Weave by Christa Watson

The same color option (in the larger throw size) is included in the pattern.

Make it Scrappy

My friend Pam, (who with her cohost Lynn produce The Stitch TV Show on YouTube) is making a wonderfully scrappy version of Color Weave. In her screen shot below you can see how she still gets the woven color effect, but if you look closely, each section of the weave is a different piece of scrap fabric. How cool is that?

Scrappy ColorWeave from The Stitch TV Show

You can click here to watch Pam’s process as she sorted through her stash, deciding which fabrics would work and which wouldn’t. Her approach is super versatile and used pieces as small as a 5″ charm square. The units are all cut the same size as given in the pattern, but using multiple fabrics for each woven strip really gives it a ton of depth and sparkle.

Rainbow Option

If you choose to make the Rainbow version like mine, you can use one Abstract Garden strip roll, or select 2 precut strips of the same fabric per rainbow weave as shown below. Then choose two contrasting background fabrics. I used light and dark gray, but other combos will work, too!

Color Weave Quilt

Click here to purchase the Color Weave Quilt Pattern – Print version.
Click here to purchase the Color Weave Quilt Pattern – PDF version.

Color Weave Quilt

Click here to buy the Abstract Garden strip roll.

Color Weave Quilt by Christa Watson

Click here to get additional yardage and precuts of Abstract Garden

All you need to get started are some rainbow color strips, the pattern, and a can do attitude!
Click here  for the complete supply list and quilt along schedule. I can’t wait to see your progress!

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