Ask Me Anything Facebook Live Moves to Tuesdays at 3 PM PST: Catch The Latest Episode Here!

I’ve had so much fun doing “Ask Me Anything” in my Christa Quilts Group over on Facebook the past few weeks. Your questions have kept me on my toes and I love that!

Ask Me Anything is moving to a new Day and time.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesdays at 3 pm Pacific for all of the fun.
That’s 4 PM Mountain, 5 PM Central, and 6 PM Eastern. And sometime in the middle of the night for all of my Aussie friends (sorry guys!!). But you can always catch the replays later if you miss it live the first time. If you are not a Facebook Fan, I totally get it. I’ve started sharing them later on my YouTube channel, too. So pop on over there to catch up.

In fact, you can watch my latest episode of Ask Me Anything where I share an in-depth studio tour. The whole episode is about 45 minutes with a few minutes of introductory chat and then the tour itself is about 18 minutes long. Click the play icon below to watch:

So if you *are* addicted to Facebook like I am, my Christa Quilts Group is where I share sneak peeks, news of upcoming events, a bit about teaching and more on a real-time basis as it happens. I usually post multiple times a day.  Below is a screenshot of what my group looks like on Facebook:

My group is the best place to reach me if you need a quick answer about something. But the best part? You can share you work there, too! Everyone loves seeing what other makers are up to, and if you’re using one of my designs or my fabric, even better!

Just a few of my Modern Marks fabrics for Benartex!

I will take your questions during the live event or you can ask them in advance. I usually post a “teaser” pic announcing each week’s topic in my group. Once you join my Christa Quilts Group on Facebook, feel free to post your questions there any time before Tuesday afternoon and I’ll incorporate them into that week’s show.

If it’s a particularly meaty topic, I may use it as a conversation starter for the next week. So far it’s been fabulous and a great way to connect with you all since I can’t see your lovely faces in person.

I hope to see you there each week!

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