See My Optical Illusion Quilt Pattern in Black, White & Bright Fabric!

Whenever I release a new line of fabric, I LOVE to see what it will look like made up into one of my previous quilt patterns. Depending on my free time, sometimes I’ll remake the quilt. But usually if time is tight, I’ll get just as much satisfaction recoloring it in EQ8 (Electric Quilt design software.)

I enjoyed recoloring Optical Illusion Using my Black, White and Bright fabric line. This line can be used all together of course (just like any of my collections). But there’s something magical when you pull just a few prints together in its own color story.

Be sure to scroll up and down to see these quilts wiggle. That’s the optical illusion caused by the placement of light, medium and dark fabrics in the correct proportion. The secret is to have high contrast in the squares (the lightest and darkest prints) with a medium/midtone color as the long skinny strips in between.

Optical Illusion Quilt in Red/Pink Fabrics

Click here to view all Black, White & Bright fabrics for more fun combinations!

In the red/pink version above, I’ve chosen Branch dots in orange/pink, Crackle in red, and Electric Stripe in red/white. I love how all of these combine together, don’t you?

Optical Illusion Quilt in Navy/Black Fabrics

Click here to grab any of the quilt fabrics above, by the yard!

In the navy/black version above, I’ve chosen Crackle in blue, Electric Stripe in navy/black, and Links in Gray.

Check out the Optical Illusion Quilt Along to Make this Quilt!

A couple of fabric lines back, I made the first version in Black, White & Gray. I offered a free quilt along to go with it, too. All you need to purchase is a copy of the quilt pattern to follow along.

Click here to follow the Optical Illusion Quilt Along

In the link above, I’ve also included additional tips and tricks for choosing fabric combinations and why they work. I also included some examples of what doesn’t work so you’ll know how to choose fabrics effectively, right off the bat! Below is the original version of the quilt shown on the pattern cover.

I’m curious – what color combination would you choose to make this quilt?

Electric Quilt Software (EQ8) Black Friday Sale!

P.S. My friends over at Electric Quilt just set up an affiliate program AND they are offering 25% off of any purchase through the end of the month when you use code 25 Days at checkout through my affiliate link here. I design ALL of my quilts in EQ8, and I’m also an ambassador for the company – so I can’t say enough nice things about them!!

Click here to get EQ8 design software – perfect for holiday gift giving!!

Electric Quilt 8

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