Quilty Podcasts for You to Enjoy!

What do you like to listen to when you sew? Music? Audio books? TV? Me – I absolutely love listening to sewing podcasts. It’s like enjoying a quilty chat with friends, but I don’t have to talk back! Well, recently I was the one doing the talking when I was a guest on “Measure Twice, Cut Once” from Stitched by Susan.

We chatted all things quilting and I was able to share more about my quilty story and how I got into the biz. Susan has one of those really great radio voices, and I love listening to her podcast on a regular basis. You can find her podcast, and the others I recommending below on Itunes and all the usual podcast places.

Quilter on Fire Podcast with Brandy Maslowski

Speaking of Podcasts, I’m also excited to tell you I was recently interviewed for the Quilter on Fire podcast, too. Brandy and I chatted before we both attended QuiltCon earlier this year – and then we ended up being roommates for the show, which was super fun!! My episode with her drops on May 17, 2022 so be sure to subscribe now and listen in!

More Podcast Recommendations

Here’s a list of some of the current quilting podcasts I’m enjoying listening to right now:

The Off-Kilter Quilt with Frances Dowell.

She calls hers a “home-made” podcast and I love it because she’s quirky and fun. She also writes quilt-fiction and has a second podcast where she shares some of these fabulous stories.

Simple, Handmade, Everyday with Kristin Esser

I enjoy Kristin’s podcast because she talks about what she’s currently sewing or quilting. But she also includes other crafts, reading recommendations and home making tips, too. It’s really delightful to listen to while I sew!

Make & Decorate with Stephanie Socha

I’ve actually been a guest on Stephanie’s podcast a few times and she has such a silky smooth voice, perfect for radio!! She also discusses what she’s making along with sewing tips and guest interviews. It’s a really nice mix of content to listen to.

Sew & So Podcast

This one features casual conversations with guests in the sewing/quilting community. I enjoy listening to stories from creative people on what excites them, what inspires their work and how they grow and connect with their communities.

Craft to Career Podcast with Elizabeth Chappell of Quilter’s Candy

I love this one because of all the quilty biz chat. Elizabeth has interesting guests who share their stories along with tips on how to grow your creative business. It’s been very educational & inspiring to listen to.

Behind the Seams with Roxane Cerda of C&T Publishing

I started listening to Behind the Seams when several of my friends who had written books with them were interviewed and I really like the format of this podcast. They share stories about the makers they feature in their books and it’s a real joy to listen to.

(Spoiler alert! My next book will be with C&T so I assume they’ll have me on to talk about it sometime, so that should be fun!!)

Quilt & Tell

This one is from the editors of Quilting Daily and I love the peppy flow and the conversation among the hosts. Add it to your list if you haven’t done so already!

What are some of YOUR recommendations?

Over the years, this list has grown or shrunk, depending on my interests, and who’s still currently putting out content. There are lots of podcasts out there but some of my earlier hosts have “pod-faded” meaning they are no longer producing new episodes.

But I’m always on the lookout for more fun recommendations, so please tell me some of your faves in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

One thought on “Quilty Podcasts for You to Enjoy!

  1. Cristina Perez says:

    Please include in your list of Recommended Podcasts, “A Quilter’s Life” with Paula Chamberlain, a once-weekly podcast. This is my all-time favorite!! She has a delightful way of drawing out stories and life experiences from her guests. As one commenter said, “(Paula) allows the story to naturally unfold” in the way she asks questions. And, she listens to the responses! “A Quilter’s Life” is just so much fun! You’ll be happy you tuned in.

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