Learn How to Quilt a Large Quilt on a Small Machine

I love sharing and teaching and the biggest question I get is how to quilt a larger quilt on a regular sewing machine. The answer is simple: make a quilting plan and then divide and conquer the design! In my latest YouTube video, I show you how to do exactly that. Click the image below to watch:

In this week’s video, I’m sharing tips and tricks for making my Charming Chevrons quilt using 10″ squares of my Good Vibes fabric. You can get the fabric, or the optional kit, or you can just use what you have on hand, as long as there’s good contrast between light and dark.

In case you missed it, I previously shared the video tutorial showing how to make the smaller version of this quilt using Good Vibes 5″ squares (charm packs). It has a completely different quilting plan, and you can mix and match the designs! Click the image below to watch:

Smaller Charming Chevrons Kits and fabric are available, too (while supplies last)!

I sure hope you enjoy these videos. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve been able to incorporate my quilting tips and tricks into your own projects!

One thought on “Learn How to Quilt a Large Quilt on a Small Machine

  1. Glenna C Denman says:

    I really enjoyed watching your tips on the Charming Squares video on machine quilting. I especially love that you focus on having fun, not on being perfect, something I am still striving to emulate.

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