How Do I Quilt It? Now Available as a PDF Download!

I can’t tell you how many requests I’ve gotten for a digital version of my best selling machine quilting book, How Do I Quilt It? Now I’m excited to announce that my publisher has granted me permission to sell the PDF of this book directly to you. This is especially exciting for my international friends who may not be able to find it locally. Even if you have the physical book, it’s always nice to have a digital copy on hand for immediate access from your computer, anytime!

Click here to purchase the PDF/Digital download version of How Do I Quilt It?

My latest book walks you through my machine quilting process, step by step. I explain my spray basting technique in detail and discuss the steps I take to prepare a quilt for machine quilting on a regular home sewing machine. The number 1 tip I teach my students is to create a quilting plan before attempting to machine quilt. By getting most of the thinking out of the way ahead of time, you can enjoy the actual machine quilting process!

Shown above: 3 different versions of the same quilt, Loose Weave, quilted 3 different ways.

In the book, I also include 3 projects to practice your skills. Each pattern is quilted 3 different ways, using walking foot techniques, free motion motifs, or both. My other top tip is to build your machine quilting skills one step at a time. Start with walking foot quilting. Once you are comfortable with moving the quilt under your machine, then try an easy edge-to edge free motion design. Finally, use both techniques to custom quilt your quilt to really make it your own.

Just one of the gorgeous detailed photos from the book. There’s so much eye candy and inspiration!

Reading this book, and implementing my methods will make the machine quilting process simpler and more fun, I guarantee it!

Click here to get your instant PDF copy of How Do I Quilt It?

Click here to get a signed paper copy of How Do I Quilt It?

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