New Quilt Patterns Now Available in Print or PDF

One of my favorite things about designing quilt fabric is creating quilts to show off the fun colors and fabric designs. For Stitchy, my latest collection from Benartex, I designed 6 quilts which is more than I usually make, but I just couldn’t help myself! While supplies last, I have Stitchy patterns and kits for all of them. Take a look below:

Interlinked Quilt

I’m currently remaking a larger, more colorful version of this quilt, and will be hosting a quilt along over in my facebook group starting in January. Just grab a copy of the Interlinked quilt pattern to follow along!

Sparkling Stars

Sparkling Stars is like the show stopper of the group. Fun fact: I actually designed all of the color gradations of Stitchy with this quilt in mind!

Churn Dash Slide

Churn Dash Slide is my modern take on a very traditional quilt block. Design tip: to make your traditional design modern, offset the blocks a little bit like I did and skip the borders so that the design goes all the way to the edges.

Bling Quilt

Bling is a remake of an earlier quilt that I made to show off a previous fabric collection. I’ve actually made this quilt 5 times because I love it so much! The pattern includes several different layouts to try including the hashtags layout shown on the front cover. Isn’t it dynamic??

Terrace Tiles Quilt

Terrace Tiles is the easiest quilt pattern I’ve designed. I’ve made it several times in a few different colorways and it always looks fabulous, every time!

Herringbone – Free Quilt Pattern

Click here to get the free Herringbone quilt pattern emailed to you

I love including a free quilt pattern with every collection I design. It’s my gift to you as my way of saying thanks for your continued support!

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