Christa’s Free EQ Downloads & Tips

Below are links to worksheets I created when I used to teach Electric Quilt classes.
Feel free to download and save or share them with others.

Here are links to all of my EQ project downloads I’ve shared so far. Just click the links below to go to each project and get the download. Then play around with them at your leisure. Please remember to respect my copyright – these are for personal use only.

Note – you must have a copy of EQ installed on your computer for these links to work.

cwatson_profile_eq_2014I design all of my quilts using EQ. Click here to read my artist’s bio on their site!

New around here?

Check out my quilt patterns for more great designs!


5 thoughts on “Christa’s Free EQ Downloads & Tips

  1. Gloria Borrero says:

    Do I have to have EQ7 in order to view your patterns? I’d love to make the Puzzle Box, it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Christa says:

      Yes, to get the free EQ7 downloads, you need to have EQ installed on your computer. To get a free PDF pattern of puzzle box, you can sign up for my newsletter here:

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  2. sewingkathy says:

    I downloaded the back of your modern chevron quilt for EQ7. I am trying to teach myself how to design my own layout. I don’t want to use an available layout. I noticed when designing this you stayed in the block area. However your measurements are half the size you needed for the quilt. So how did you match your EQ7 measurements to the measurements shown on your blog page. I guess my questions: Are you just designing a very large block and using it as the quilt layout? Which would mean you could not get the fabric requirements from EQ7, correct? I was thinking I would be able to design a quilt the same way I draw on the block section. Quilt, New Quilt, Blank Layout and then have pencil tools. At this point I don’t think that is correct and I need to do it as one big block. I hope this makes sense and you can help me clarify my understanding. Thanks, Kathy Hassig.
    I enjoy your posts and your designs.

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