Christa’s Machine Quilting Tips

Roundup of Machine Quilting Articles I’ve Written

Here are links to several articles I’ve written about machine quilting. Some of my tools and techniques have changed slightly and a few things may be repeated, but I’ve covered a lot of basics:

FMQ DitchingI think machine quilting is the most fun part of making a quilt!

For more great instruction on quilting your own quilts – grab a copy of my books:


The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting and Machine Quilting with Style

4 thoughts on “Christa’s Machine Quilting Tips

  1. Wendy Passalent says:

    Hi Christa, I bought your How Do I Quilt It? book, and I’m trying to free motion quilt on a Jazz II. When I work on larger practice panels or open areas, I have no issue. But I get stuck when I come to seams because the quilt sandwich is too thick to fit under the free motion foot. Any thoughts/tricks? I actually bought the Jazz so I could free motion but I’m at a loss.

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