Christa’s Quilts – Illusions

Illusions is based on a classic illusion called “Cafe Walls.” I saw this trick on the back of a children’s menu and thought it would make a fabulous modern quilt! I wanted to see if I could translate the idea into a quilt and still maintain the illusion of uneven lines. The further you are away from this quilt, the more apparent the illusion is.

cwatson_Optical_Illusion_1800Illusions – Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Christa Watson

Illusions Stats:

  • Designed, pieced and quilted by Christa Watson; designed in EQ7 and Photoshop
  • Finished Size: 67″ x 88″; completed November, 2014
  • Pieced and quilted on my Bernina 710
  • Materials: Riley Blake Solids, Quilter’s Dream Orient Batting
  • Thread: Aurifil 50 wt thread 2610 Grey, 2692 Black, 2024 White (about 1 spool each)
  • Quilting Design: Free-Motion Quilting – Boxes
  • Time to complete: 41 hours (top – 8 hours, quilting – 27 hours, binding – 6 hours)
  • Originally named Optical Illusion, it was renamed Illusions upon publication.

Honors and PUBLICITY:

Work in Progress:

7 thoughts on “Christa’s Quilts – Illusions

  1. Gloria Crittenden says:

    I would like to make this pattern for a guild challenge but challenge is
    limited to 180 circumference. If I reduce the block to 4 inches and the
    grey to 3/8 will the illusion be preserved.

  2. Betsy V says:

    I’ve wanted to make a quilt like this since I saw a tile wall at the Exploratorium (Science Museum) in San Francisco in 2013. Nice to see it as a quilt.

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