Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour with Lilo Bowman

Today I’m excited to tell you about a fabulous new book, from my friend Lilo Bowman.

Lilo Bowman

Lilo Bowman

Love Your Creative Space: A Visual Guide to Creating an Inspiring & Organized Studio Without Breaking the Bank is Lilo’s new title from C&T Publishing. It’s full of ideas, solutions, and creative ways to set aside and love your personal space for making.

Love Your Creative Space book

Click here to buy Love Your Creative Space on Amazon. 

So backing up a little, I first met Lilo when I was a guest on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. She’s used to working behind the scenes as a producer for the show but now I’m excited for her to be the star of the show with her new book and blog tour.

The Quilt Show Set

Click here to see the trailer for my Quilt Show episode.
Lilo helped keep me organized and ready to roll on filming day!

Love Your Creative Space is divided into My Stuff (we all have it!), My Space (tiny or large) and My System. It addresses the common needs of needlecrafters, but also covers many less common topics.
Love Your Creative Space
For example, how do you stay organized when you head out for a class or a retreat? How can or should your space be altered when life itself changes because of a move, an illness or just getting older? There are many ideas and suggestions, along with questions to help you analyze your own stuff, space and system.
I especially enjoyed the gallery of artist studios. One space has been adapted for its owner’s special needs after a stroke left her with partial paralysis. One space is especially compact. A third artist requires both dry and wet work spaces!
If you work in more than one medium, you’ll find ideas to organize, separate and combine your supplies. The book’s photography might even inspire you to try something new!
Love Your Creative Space
This book recognizes that budgets for creative spaces come in all sizes, and Lilo gives helpful advice for saving, economizing and reimagining or repurposing. It’s clear that she wants makers to love and enjoy their spaces regardless of the size or financial constraints. That’s a win!

It’s a Giveaway!

This week’s blog tour includes a giveaway of the ebook Love Your Creative Space: A Visual Guide to Creating an Inspiring & Organized Studio Without Breaking the Bank. For your chance to win, leave a comment here by Tuesday, June 30. Tell me what kind of space you’d like to plan, or how you’d improve your current space.

There are other great stops on the blog tour. I hope you’ll follow these folks and check out their posts for more insight into Love Your Creative Space by Lilo Bowman.

The Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour:

Friday, June 26:
Christa Watson/Blog –
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Saturday, June 27:

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Sunday, June 28:

Monday, June 29:
Tuesday, June 30:

Be sure to follow the entire tour for much more inspiration around creative spaces large and small!

Christa’s Year of Giveaways #21 – Exclusively for Quilt Along Followers

For some time I have promised my quilt along followers a giveaway just for them and now here it is. It’s open to anyone who’s worked on any of my quilt alongs, finished or not. 🙂

Quilt Along

Christa’s String of Pearls Quilt Along

To thank everyone who has worked on any of my quilt alongs thus far, I am awarding 4 winners each a set of these lovely charm packs from Andover (the same folks that brought you Pearl Bracelets). Each winner will receive a set of these 4 charm packs:

Andover 4 Pack

Andover Charms 4 Pack

Now for the nitty gritty. This contest is open to anyone who has worked on any of my quilt alongs, past or present. Since my philosophy is for you to work at your own pace, you can share a picture of any stage of your quilt, finished or not. However, if you did manage to finish, you can link up twice for double your chances to win. 🙂

Here’s How to Enter:

Simply add your quilt along picture to the linkup below. You can linkup from a blog, flickr, or any other site that can host pictures and has a url that you can copy and paste.

If you are unable to do it yourself, you can email me your pictures to and I’ll post them for you (as a last resort). I want everyone to show off their hard work and inspire others!


I will select 4 winners at random from all the entries. This giveaway will stay open a little longer than my regular giveaways, just in case anyone wants to start one of my quilt alongs last-minute. (I try to be as accommodating and as inclusive as I can.)

If you have finished your quilt, you can link up twice – with two different pictures, one in-progress and one finished.

The linkup will close on Wednesday, September 11 at 6 PM PST.  Please note that the linkup below will take you to a separate page to linkup. Due to the limitations of WordPress, it won’t show the pictures here in this post. 😦 But they are just a click away!

String of PearlsLinkup Below

Click here to enter your picture link and view everyone else’s amazing work! While you are there, be sure to give some comment love to those who have linked up. 🙂

Thanks for quilting along and be sure to check in next week for the announcement of my next quilt along (hint – think Modern Christmas)!

Last week’s winner: Congratulations to Vicky R. who won Angela Walters’ Craftsy Class, Dot to Dot Quilting!

Christa’s Quilt Along Update and Weekly Giveaway #5.6

Congratulations to Heidi from Red Letter Quilts for winning last week’s giveaway. Heidi is doing a wonderful job keeping up with her “homework” and you can see pictures of her progress on her blog. Way to go Heidi!

Hugs 'n Kisses #1Hugs 'n Kisses #2Hugs 'n Kisses #3Hugs 'n Kisses #4Hugs 'n Kisses #5Hugs 'n Kisses #6

Here are just a few thumbnail pics of some of the quilts in progress so far. You can see full sized pictures and share some of your own at Christa’s Quilt Along on flickr.

Quilt Along Giveaway #5.6 – Win a Pair of Machingers Quilting Gloves

These will come in handy when we begin quilting in a couple of weeks!

Machingers Quilting Gloves
Here’s how to enter:

  • Post a picture of your quilt along WIP on my flickr group:  Christa’s Quilt Along.
  • This can be a picture of the current quilt along, or any of my previous quilt alongs.
  • If you don’t have a flickr account you can email me directly and I’ll post it for you.
  • If you’ve already shared a picture that’s great – but I still need you to leave a comment here because I will draw one of the winner’s names at random from this post only! 🙂
  • Comments are open through Tuesday, April 9th, at 6 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific).

Now remember, it’s not a race. If all you have done so far is picked out your fabrics or just starting cutting, that’s ok. I still want to see it, and so does everyone else!

Hugs 'n Kisses Quilt TopIf you have just now found my Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Along that’s no problem – come join the fun!

You can find Step 1 of Hugs ‘n Kisses Here and the current week’s tutorial here.

You can also purchase a Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Kit from my shop while supplies last.

Good luck and happy sewing!

Email me:

Christa’s Quilt Along Weekly Giveaway #5.5

Hugs 'n Kisses Quilt TopI have decided to separate my weekly giveaways from my quilt along tutorial posts. Because the tutorials are so long, the giveaway announcements were getting buried.

Plus, the quilt along instructions will be on my blog forever, so including the giveaway in each weekly quilt along post would not make sense once it’s finished.

Click here for Step 5.5 of Hugs ‘n Kisses, posted earlier this week.

Weekly Giveaway Prize for Hugs ‘n Kisses 5.5

Thanks to all those who helped spread the word about my quilt along with my new button. (If you haven’t done so yet, please grab it from the sidebar and put it on your blog!)

For this week’s prize, one lucky quilt along participant will win a roll of fusible batting tape and a pack of Superior topstitch needles. Batting tape helps you use up all those leftover batting scraps with no mess! The needles are my favorites for both piecing and quilting.

Batting Tape

Batting Tape

Superior Needles

Superior Needles

How to Enter This Week’s Giveaway

Entering is easy – just post a picture of your quilt along progress on Christa’s Quilt Along flickr group. It doesn’t matter how far along you are, or even which quilt along you are doing. I just want to see your quilting awesomeness and I’m sure others do, too!

Because I’m making the giveaway change – anyone who has posted their picture on flickr so far is eligible for this week’s giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post with your flickr name so I know who you are. 🙂

Entry Deadline and a Little Housekeeping

Comments on this post will be open through Wednesday, April 3rd at 6 PM Eastern Time, (3 PM Pacific).  A winner will be selected at that time and their name will be posted the next day on Thursday, along with next week’s giveaway prize announcement. I will also email the winner directly.

Because I’ve separated the giveaways from the quilt along posts, I’ve moved all of the winners’ names from the previous quilt along posts and am listing them here. (They have all received their prizes and were very excited!)

Week 5.1 Giveaway Winner – Anne C. won a Gift Certificate.

Week 5.2 Giveaway Winner – Diana W. won a Charm Pack of her choice.

Week 5.3 Giveaway Winner – Rose B. won a pair of Snip Eze Comfort Scissors.

Week 5.4 Giveaway Winners  – Lesley C. and Clair S. each won a gift certificate.

Christa’s Quilt Along 5.5 – Hugs and Kisses Top and Pieced Borders

Hugs 'N Kisses

Hugs ‘N Kisses 48″ x 64″

Welcome to part 5 of my Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Along!

For anyone just joining me, Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Kits are available for purchase while supplies last.

Be sure to work at your own pace and please share pictures of your progress on flickr.

Scroll to the end of the post for the quilt along schedule.

It took me a total of 6 hours to follow the steps below and complete my Hugs ‘n Kisses quilt top.

Step 1 – Arranging The Blocks (30 Minutes)

I decided to go with all X blocks for my layout. You will notice that my blog header shows part of a Hugs ‘n Kisses quilt I made several years ago in reds and oranges. I decided to try something different this time around and I encourage you to make it your own. 🙂

Kisses Blocks

Using a design wall or other large surface, play around with your blocks until they are in a pleasing arrangement. I tried to create a radiating effect by grouping all of the lighter blocks together in one corner and gradually darkening them across the quilt.

Step 2 Sewing the Blocks into Rows (1 Hour, 30 Minutes)

Lay out your design forming 5 blocks across by 7 rows down. To keep track of my rows, I took a picture with my camera phone. Then I was able to refer back to it for proper block placement. I pinned at the intersections and pressed all of my seams open.

Pin BlocksPress Seams Open

Sew each set of blocks into a row. For easier joining, press rows 1, 3, 5 one way and press rows 2, 4, 6 the opposite way. Or press all seams open like I did.

7 Rows of Blocks

Step 3 – Joining the rows (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

Join two sets of rows into one piece. Repeat for 3 pairs of rows with one left over. When pressing my seams open, I open them with a wooden seam roller, then press with an iron.

Pairs of Rows Seam Roller

Join rows 1-2 and 3-4. Then join rows 5-6 with row 7. Then sew the two pieces together.

Step 4 – Adding the Inner Borders (45 Minutes)

Measure the width of your quilt top. An easy way to do this is the fold it in half and measure using a cutting mat. My folded measurement is 20.5 inches which means my quilt measures 41 inches. (Mathematically it should measure exactly 40.5 inches so mine grew slightly.)

Measure the quilt.
Trim two 2.5 inch background strips to this measurement. Attach carefully with pins and sew one strip each to the top and bottom. Usually I sew side borders first. However, since I wanted to avoid piecing the top/bottom borders I sewed them first. 🙂

Inner Border

Next, measure the length of your quilt including the added strips. Use the same folding trick as above. Mine was 61 inches (mathematically it should have been 60.5 inches). You will need to join multiple background strips together for length. Trim two pieced strips so that they measure this length exactly. Add rows to either side.

Step 5 – Adding the Pieced Outer Border (2 Hours)

Each pieced border is composed of bricks that you cut out previously. You need a total of 54 bricks that measure 2.5″ x 4.5″ each. Sew them together into segments until you have 4 pieced segments (you can make them random or gradated):

Pieced Borders

2 Top/Bottom Borders – 12 Bricks Each
2 Side Borders – 15 Bricks Each

Top & Bottom: 12 segments sewn end-to-end (Make 2)
Sides: 15 segments sewn end-to-end (Make 2)

Add the pieced side borders to your top first. If they are too short, you may need to go back and re-sew a few segments with slightly narrower seam allowances. Or you can insert a piece as needed.

If the rows are too long, you may need to go back and increase the width of a few of your seam allowance segments to shorten it up. Or just trim off the excess.

Hugs 'n Kisses Quilt Top

Add the top and bottom borders on in the same way. Voila! A finished quilt top!

If you have any questions about this week’s homework, please be sure to join my flickr discussion or email me directly at

Quilt Along Schedule – Links will go to each active post when published.

Button, Button – Who’s got my button? Giveaway will award 2 winners!

Grab a Quilt Along Button and Enter to Win My Giveaway!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Christa's Quilt Along" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Christa's Quilt Along" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Here’s how to enter:

  • Add my Christa’s Quilt Along button to your blog. Copy the button link above.
  • Leave me a comment with your blog address so I (and others) can check out your blog.

To make this giveaway extra special – I’m sweetening the pot. Since I know that bribery goes a long way, I will award 2 winners at random this week.

Each will receive a $15 gift certificate good for anything in my store.

If you don’t have a blog, that’s ok – you can still enter. Save the picture and add it to your photostream on flickr to help spread the word about my quilt along. Then leave me a comment with your flickr id so I can check out your other pictures.

Or, if you don’t use flickr (please do – it’s really easy and fun!), you can instead email at least one friend and tell them about the quilt along.

Remember, sharing is caring… and winning!

So good luck and happy blogging and flickering! (Is that a word……??)

Click here to visit Christa’s Quilt Along flickr group.

Click here for the start of my current quilt along: Hugs ‘n Kisses.

Hugs 'N Kisses

Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Along

Giveaway will run through Tuesday, March 26th at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). The winner will be announced on my quilt along post the next day, Wednesday March 27th.

Christa’s Quilt Along 5.3 – Hugs and Kisses Bow Tie Blocks

Hugs 'N Kisses

Hugs ‘N Kisses 48″ x 64″

Welcome to part 3 of my Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Along!

This week we will cut our strips into pieces and sew the bow tie units that make up the hugs and kisses blocks. Today’s post is pretty lengthy but I want to remind you to work at your own pace. Making this quilt is not a race; rather it is about enjoying the process.

I timed each step as I completed it to give you an idea of how long it will take to sew (total of 9 hours).  Rather than try to hurry and finish it all at once, I completed 1-2 steps per day so I never felt rushed.

Before cutting into segments, I starched my strips.

I also replaced a few jelly roll strips with a couple from my stash. (That’s because I borrowed them to make a previous Valentine’s Table Runner last month, LOL!!)

Hugs 'n Kisses Strips

Kissing Booth Jelly Roll Plus Stash Strips

Optional Step 1 – Starching the Strips (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

I sprayed a light mist on the backside, let it soak in, then gently pressed from the front. Take care not to stretch your skinny strips out of alignment. It’s not mandatory, but I do get better results by starching. You can read my previous post about using starch here.

Starch BackPress Front

If you decide to starch your background strips, take care that you don’t scorch them. I would suggest testing on a piece of white fabric first to make sure you don’t get any yellowing or flaking of the starch. Here’s a hint – cut some of your starched strips into units while you are waiting for other starched strips to dry in between pressing.

If you select any one of the layouts from last week’s post you can cut all of your fabrics according to the chart below. But feel free to modify your design further if it pleases you.

Step 2 – Cutting the Print Strips into Segments (2 Hours)

From each of 35 print jelly roll strips (2 .5″ x 42″), cut:

  • 8 – 2.5″ squares (2o inches so far)
  • 8 – 1.5″ squares (32 inches so far)
  • 1 – 2.5″ x 4.5″ brick (37 inches total)

Cut Squares

Cut Squares

Be sure to cut off the selvedges first and stack up to 4 layers of strips for cutting efficiency. Just remember – measure twice, cut once! I found it easiest to cut the 2.5″ squares, then the brick, then trim the rest of the strip down to 1.5″ before cutting the smaller squares.

You should have one stack of squares (8 large, 8 small) for every complete X or O block.

From 3 print jelly roll strips, cut:

  • a total of 19 more 2.5″ x 4.5″ bricks

Border Brick Units

Border Brick Units

You should have a total of 54 bricks that measure 2.5″ x 4.5″. Stack all of your bricks together and set aside for now. Keep your squares above sorted by color.

Step 3 – Cutting the Solid Background Strips (30 Minutes)

From 18 solid background strips (2 .5″ x 42″):

  • Cut a total of 280 – 2.5″ squares. Yes, this is a lot of background squares.
  • You need 8 squares per large block and will be making 35 blocks total.
  • You can get 16 – 2.5″ squares per strip.

Background Strip

Cut 4 stacks of squares per background strip.

Background Squares

280 Background Squares

Here’s a hint: fold one of your background strips into 4 layers so that it is at least 10 inches wide.

Cut one background strip at a time into 4 stacks of 4 squares each.

Continue cutting until you have a total of 280 squares. You will use a total 17.5 strips exactly for the squares.

Set aside 6 extra full strips for borders = 24 background strips total.

Step 4 – Sew and Trim the Bow Tie Corners (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

  1. Layer one smaller print square in the corner of one larger background square.
  2. Sew diagonally from corner to corner on the print square.
  3. Trim off the corner, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Press the print corner down to complete the square.

Bow Tie Corners

Bow Tie Corners

Chain Piecing

Chain Piecing

Practice making one bow tie corner unit so you get the hang of it.

I didn’t worry about marking my sewing line since it was such a small square.

Assembly line sew all of your squares until you have a total of 280 pieced corners (8 of each fabric).

This is also called chain piecing. Sew all of the squares before cutting in between each one.

Step 5 – Press All the Pieced Squares (45 Minutes)

Taking care not to scorch your fabrics, press all 280 pieced squares with the fabric towards the dark side. At this point, they can all face the same direction.

Bow Tie Corners

Bow Tie Corners

Step 6 – Sewing the Bow Tie Blocks (3 Hours, 15 Minutes)

It takes 2 print squares and two pieced background squares per bow tie unit. For efficiency, you can turn the pieces all the same way and join them together assembly line style. Be sure to sew one test unit first so you know you are putting it together correctly.

Bow Tie Squares

Bow Tie Squares

Bow Tie Piecing

Bow Tie Piecing

Sew two half units together to complete one bow tie unit.

Bow Tie Units

Bow Tie Units

Pressing tips: I like to “finger” press each half of the bow tie unit with a  wooden seam roller. Then, after sewing the halves to complete the bow tie, I will press open with an iron.

Seam Roller Press

Seam Roller Press

Press Seams Open

Press Seams Open

Sew a total of 140 bow tie units, 4 of each color. You may have 8 bow ties of some colors if you have duplicate strips. Next week we will sew them into blocks.

If you have any questions about this week’s homework, please be sure to join my flickr discussion or email me directly at

Quilt Along Schedule – Links will go to each active post when published.

Celebrate National Quilting Month with a Giveaway, Free Fabric, and a Sale!

Blog Hop Party with Give-AwaysTo celebrate National Quilting Month, I thought I would combine a few different promotions into one huge fabric fest!

First of all, I invite you to beat the Winter Blues by joining the Quilter’s Blog Hop Party hosted by Michele at The Quilting Gallery.

For a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to my store, either follow my blog, sign up for my shop email newsletter, or join my flickr group. For a bonus entry, do all 3!


Then come back here and leave a message for me on THIS blog post saying you did, and maybe a kind word or two to make my day. 🙂

This contest is open to friends and fabric lovers all over the world. I offer free US shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase, with discounted international rates, too.

I will select one winner at random and post their name here on my blog. I’ll also notify them via email. Contest ends Thursday, March 14th at 9 PM Eastern Time (6 PM Pacific).


When visiting my store, take advantage of my fabric clearance sale up to 50% off. Then use code NQD13 at checkout to save an extra 10% off your entire order now through National Quilting Day, March 17th.

Plus, when you spend $25 or more, be sure to add a free Christa’s Candy fat quarter to your cart. (My choice of fabrics.)

Give yourself an excuse to sew or quilt all month!

Updated 3/14 7:10 PM

Thank you for your entries! We have a winner. Congratulations to Susan G. from Pennsylvania who has won a $20 gift certificate to my store. Susan – I will email you directly. Happy shopping!

Christa’s Quilt Along 5.2 – Hugs ‘n Kisses Fabric Layout

Hugs 'N Kisses

Hugs ‘N Kisses 48″ x 64″

Welcome to part 2 of my Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Along! Today I will be discussing fabric selection and layout.

Hugs ‘n Kisses Quilt Kits are available if you’d rather not worry about fabric selection.

For a successful design, this quilt relies on contrast between the print fabrics and the solid background.

You could choose one of your favorite themed fabrics like solids, batiks, or a favorite color range, and pair them with either a totally light solid or a totally dark fabric for contrast.

That being said, what if we play around a little? You will notice my original version has a few light colored strips. What if you wanted a modern, low-volume quilt? Just blur the contrast between the prints and background to achieve this sort of look in the pink design below.

Low Volume Hugs 'n Kisses

Low Volume Hugs ‘n Kisses

Juvenile Hugs 'n Kisses

Juvenile Hugs ‘n Kisses

And if you want to make a more playful, juvenile quilt, you can choose a bright background solid that matches one of your print fabrics. You could also use several different background fabrics if you want to make it a bit more “scrappy.”

If you are working with a kit where all of the fabrics are already chosen, you can make it your own by changing the setting of the squares, also known as block layout.

Hugs 'n Kisses Bowties

Hugs ‘n Kisses Bowties

Hugs 'n Kisses Waves

Hugs ‘n Kisses Waves

The basic unit we will be constructing next week is the bow-tie block. You could lay out your entire quilt with the bow ties all going the same way to achieve a totally different look. Or how about zig-zags, all kisses, or all hugs? It’s up to you!

Hugs 'n Kisses All X's

Hugs ‘n Kisses all X’s

Hugs 'n Kisses All O's

Hugs ‘n Kisses All O’s

I even dare you to play around with the borders if you are so inclined. What if you swapped the border fabric for the binding fabric, i.e., a solid border and a scrappy binding instead? If you want to make a larger quilt, who is stopping you from cutting a few extra strips from your stash and mixing them in with the other blocks? You can always “borrow” the inner border strips to cut up into more block backgrounds, and replace them with something else.

I want you to look at the kits as a starting point and explore your creativity (but only if you want to – there are no hard and fast rules here)! Who knows, I might even change up my own quilt a bit when I get to that point. 🙂

Here is this week’s “homework” for those of you cutting your own strips:

  • Cut out 36 assorted 2.5″ print strips for your blocks and pieced borders
  • Cut 23 – 2.5″ solid strips for your background and inner borders
  • Set aside 1/2 yard of coordinating solid for the binding and be sure to prewash it.

If you have any questions about this week’s homework, please be sure to join my flickr discussion or email me directly at

Quilt Along Schedule – Links will go to each active post when published.

Christa’s Quilt Along 5.1 – Hugs ‘n Kisses Supply List

Free Quilt Pattern

New to my blog? Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter to get a free pattern!

Time for another fun quilt-along! My Hugs ‘n Kisses design is based on a quilt I made several years ago. If you look closely, it’s similar to the quilt shown on my blog’s header. Over the years I’ve had several requests for this quilt pattern, so I finally decided to make one!

Hugs 'n Kisses

Hugs ‘n Kisses

About This Quilt – Finished Size 48″ x 64″

I designed this quilt using EQ7  so that it will work with Jelly Rolls or precut strips.  Although I am making this quilt in the size stated above, you can easily double the yardage requirements, purchase additional kits, or add borders to make it bigger.

Kissing Booth Jelly Roll

Kissing Booth Jelly Roll

Kona Snow Roll Up Strips

Kona Snow Roll Up

Kona Solids Brick

Kona Solids Brick

Fabric Requirements (Hugs and Kisses Quilt Kits are available for a limited time.)

  • 1 Jelly Roll of print fabric. You may use any jelly roll or set of precut strips you like as long as you have at least 38 – 2.5″ strips.
  • 2/3 Jelly Roll of solid or background fabric,  or 24 – 2.5″ strips.  If you prefer to purchase yardage and cut the strips yourself, you will need 1.75 yards.
  • 1/2 yard fabric for the binding in a coordinating color – I prefer to use solid 2.25″ strips. Purchase a little more if you like wider strips.
  • At least 52″ x 68″ piece of batting; my favorites are high quality cotton or wool.
  • 3 yards of non-directional fabric the backing, or scraps and fat quarters to total about 3.5 yards if you prefer to make it scrappy like I do.

Machingers Gloves

Machingers Gloves

Supreme Slider

Supreme Slider

Superior Needles

Superior Needles

Supplies Needed

If you have any questions please be sure to join my flickr discussion or email me directly at

Quilt Along Schedule – Links will go to each active post when published.

Sharing is Caring

Please share your work in progress in my facebook group: Quilt With Christa . 🙂