My Phrase of the Year for 2015 – Be More Present.

My 2014 word of the year was Quilt, and boy did I take that to heart with my 2014 finishes. I think I made more quilts last year than I have in a long time and it felt wonderful!

For 2015 I came up with a phrase that will be my mantra for the year – Be More Present.

20141225_kids_xmasThese 3 are my pride and joy. I want to be more present for them!

As I continue to juggle the work/life balance, I want to be more involved and invested in everything I do. If I’m hanging out with the kids, I want to really be there (not thinking about the gazillion quilts I want to design and make).

If I’m teaching a workshop, I want to be fully ready ahead of time so I can focus on my students’ needs and be prepared to adapt the class if needed. When I’m trail running with Jason, I will enjoy the ambiance, rather than thinking about how hard it is to run up hills!

2014_kidstrailOur kids joined us on a recent trail run. We love the desert where we live!

We also came up with a family phrase – “be more adventurous,” and I think the two will go hand in hand. We’ve got a lot of fun family trips planned (Disneyland, lots of skiing, Hawaii & California beaches), plus Jason and I have signed up for a few trail races (there’s nothing like deadlines to keep me motivated)!

20141227_jason_jenna_skiMy daughter and hubby on a recent ski trip – we want to be more adventurous!

I’ll also be doing a lot more quilting-related travel this year. I think that if I can be more present at home, I’ll be able to be more adventurous when I’m out and about. That’s the plan, anyway!!

How about you? Have you coined a word or phrase for the year?