National Quilting Day – A Great Time to Sew

Today is National Quilting Day so of course I had to celebrate by showing you a quilt I’ve been working on. Since friends shouldn’t let friends sew alone, I decided to collaborate on a baby quilt project with a fellow sewing buddy of mine.

Saggy Baggy Elephant PanelAt the recent quilt show we went to, my friend Jessica found this adorable panel featuring pictures from the Little Golden Book story, “The Saggy Baggy Elephant”. We have a mutual friend who just had a little boy so we decided to make a baby quilt.

Jessica SewingLittle HelperWhile Jessica sewed, we had a “helper” hold many of the pieces for us.

I ironed the finished pieces and added some applique. We cut out the story pictures,  added colorful strips around each block and sewed them together in rows. Here’s the finished top:

Saggy Baggy Elephant Quilt TopI plan to finish the quilting and binding soon so we can present it to the new mom.

One thought on “National Quilting Day – A Great Time to Sew

  1. Marianne says:

    What a lovely idea, a beautiful quilt for any child, I recognised the story straight away my granddaughter loves that story book. I havent seen the panel here.


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