The Three Hour Quilt

Now sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale of my 3 hour quilt.. my 3 hour quilt… (I hope you get the reference!!)

A friend of mine is throwing an impromptu baby shower today.  The first thing I think of when I hear baby shower is, “How much time do I have to make a baby quilt and what fabric do I have on hand?”

Thanks to Moda Charm Packs, I can whip up an adorable baby quilt in a hurry. Here’s a recap of my fastest quilt ever, made with one Lily & Will Charm Pack from Bunny Hill:

Lily and Will Charm PackSafety Pin BastedMachine QuiltingTrim Edges

(Just click on any of the pictures above to enlarge for details.)

Step One: Select the charm pack and lay it out in a pleasing arrangement – 15 Min.

Step Two: Sew quilt top together, cut batting to size and safety pin baste – 60 Min.

Step Three: Stitch in the ditch with serpentine stitch and along diagonals – 60 Min.

Step Four: Square up edges and trim batting, prepare binding – 15 Min.

Step Five: Add binding by machine and block edges with warm iron – 30 Min.

Finished Lily and Will Charm Pack QuiltThis quilt took one charm pack of 42 squares measuring 5 inches cut. The finished size is 27″ x 31″ – a perfect grab and go blankie ! To make a bigger quilt, just add borders 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Three Hour Quilt

  1. Cherie LeVeque says:

    That is a cute baby quilt! I love the serpentine quilting – it makes it look so sweet.
    Thank you for fabulous “tutorial”!

  2. Paula J. Newbry says:

    Hi Christa: I loved your little blankie! This is how so many of our Project Linus quilters do our blankets now, especially when squares are concerned. It works so well and not time consuming once the pins are in place. Way to go Christa! Paula

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