Mini Baltimore Album Quilt

Today I wanted to share pictures of a miniature Baltimore Album Quilt I made recently, for my quilting guild’s miniature quilt auction as part of our quilt show held earlier this month.

Miniature Baltimore Album QuiltI love machine applique and lots of machine quilting so I combined both to make this little quilt, measuring approximately 20 inches square.  Here’s a closeup of the back where you can see the quilting a little bit better.

Quilt Back

My friend and show auctioneer Georgi bid on and won this quilt for a friend of hers for her birthday. I was very pleased that this quilt was the highest selling mini quilt  (it made up for the fact that I didn’t win any ribbons on my other entries, but more about  that later!) The quilting shows up better in this picture I think.

Georgi's Quilt

Mini Tulip Block

For the applique, first I appliqued all of the blocks, matching my thread colors as close as possible to the fabric.

I used Superior silk thread for most of the applique because it’s very thin and blends well. I didn’t mind switching threads at all.

Once blocks were sewn, I added the swags and appliqued them as well before basting and quilting. I use an open-toe foot to see where I’m going.

Machine Applique

This quilt was actually a remake of a quilt I made about 10 years ago for myself. It’s taken me that long to make another! The original quilt had more blocks with different sashing.

First Mini Applique

Busy BackI used a busy back and appliqued the same time that I quilted.

My techniques are much better now!

3 thoughts on “Mini Baltimore Album Quilt

  1. Anu says:

    I just love this quilt! I started this quilt long long time ago. I finished making ten blocks and moved. Now I can’t find the book. So happy to fond the finished quilt. I might be able to finish it with nine blocks. Thanks !! Again beautiful quilt !

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