Binding by Machine

Sometimes when I don’t have enough time to finish the binding on a quilt by hand, I will often do it by machine. When I do, it’s nearly impossible to hide the machine stitches, so I opt for making the binding a decorative element on the quilt. In my latest project, the Double Wedding Ring quilt I made for my sister in law, I used a decorative thread for the binding which matched the thread I used for quilting. It showed up nicely on the black:

Machine BindingMy Bernina makes a wonderful serpentine stitch which I use for both binding and even machine quilting when I’m in a hurry. The picture above shows the front of the binding. Below is the back side of another machine bound quilt using the same stitch.

Machine BindingI wrote up a nice tutorial about machine binding for a friend of mine who had forgotten how. You can read about that on my blog here: Machine Binding Demo 2011

Also, check out this fantastic video tutorial from Leah Day, posted here with her permission. I especially love her sample using the button-hole stitch as a decorative stitch.  The main difference between our two methods is that I stitch from the back while Leah stitches from the front. Now I can’t wait to try her technique!

You can check out loads of Leah’s other fantastic machine quilting tutorials by visiting her blog at:

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