Finished Hearts and Feathers Wholecloth Quilt

I’ve been having a blast making my Hearts and Feathers Wholecloth quilt with Leah Day & her quilt-along crew over at The Free Motion Quilting Project. I’m happy to say it’s finished!

Finished Wholecloth QuiltI blogged about this a couple of weeks ago when I finished the quilting but wanted to add a few more of the step by step pictures showing how I made the quilt.

Using a LightboxI used my lightbox to trace the paper pattern onto my red batik fabric. I was amazed at how well I could see through the dark fabric!

I taped down the paper pattern underneath so it wouldn’t shift. Then I made sure to line it up very carefully when I needed to move the light.

My next investment: a bigger lightbox!! (This was late at night so I was wearing my comfy-cozies!!)

Soaking the QuiltThis was my first time soaking and blocking a quilt. Completely drenching it  in a tub of water easily removed the marks and starch I had applied previously.

I let it dry out between a couple of towels for about a day and a half. It hangs super flat!

For a larger quilt I would tumble it in the dryer for a little while first.

To make the quilt hang square, I used a large square up ruler to trim the edges. I used the outline of the motifs as a guide. I made sure to stipple around the quilt more than I needed so that I could trim off any excess microstippling and it would be completely quilted.

Trim the QuiltTrim the extra stippling.For the machine quilting, I used a very thin polyester thread in the top and bobbin, but I hand-bound it with cotton. I like to have the same colors in different thread types so I can mix and match when needed. I love this quilt!

Superior Threads

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