Mexican Art

We are having a blast here in Mexico! We have zip-lined through the jungle, snorkled in the Caribbean Sea and taken in some Mayan ruins. Most of our locations were too difficult to take pictures in without a waterproof camera so I will have to leave that to the imagination.

However, I did get a couple of photos of some unique Mexican art when we were once again dry and safe. This vendor sold Calaveras (Sugar Skulls), ceramic sculptures which remind me of the Alexander Henry Dia De Los Muertos fabric that we sell!

Dia De Los Muertos Sculpture

He explained that every November 1st, Mexicans honor their ancestors and those that have died by filling up these containers with treats their loved ones would have liked.

Cloth Weaving

I came across an industrious young man who was weaving his own cloth into Mexican blankets. Too bad I didn’t ask him if he had any finer threads to make some soft fabric!

By a very cool coincidence, my mom, sister and aunt were taking a Caribbean cruise at the same time Jason and I were near Cancun on vacation. We met up with them in Tulum, an exotic place filled with ancient Mayan ruins.

Ruins at TulumWe had some laughs about the fact that this was our shortest family reunion ever, a 2 hour long excursion that was totally unplanned. The ruins were awe-inspring to see, and looking closely, we could even make out some of the original stone carvings on the building exteriors.

I am enamored with all of the beautiful people, places and things I have seen so far in Mexico. I definitely want to come here again!

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