UFO – Hand Pieced Winding Ways

We are headed home soon from our vacation and while I will miss the tropical weather, it will feel good to get back home and back to my sewing machine!

Sewing by the Beach

While relaxing pool-side, I worked on my hand-pieced Winding Ways quilt that I began about 15 years ago. I’ve finished the blocks and am now slowly stitching the rows together. I’m undecided yet if I’ll add borders or not – that may take another 15 years!!

Winding Ways Blocks

This is my vacation quilt that I work on every time I’m out of town and do not have access to a sewing machine. It is entirely hand-pieced so far and I will hand quilt it, too. I guess I need to go on vacation more so I can get it done, LOL!

Lots of Pins

I have learned a lot about hand piecing over the years and my techniques have improved. I have found I get better results when I use lots of pins and do not sew over all the seam allowances like you would when sewing by machine. Plus, it’s much easier to hand-sew following marked sewing lines rather than raw edges.

Now it’s time to head home and put this quilt back in the UFO pile until next time!

11 thoughts on “UFO – Hand Pieced Winding Ways

  1. Shelly Tiefenthaler says:

    Your hubby must be a very understanding husband to a great quilter! We go on vaca every year and if I brought a quilt project along he would kill me. So my friends and I are planning to go on a quilt cruise thru the Caribbean in 2014. Thru stitching heaven check it out! We say it’s a girls only trip in our group. We r doing the batik cruise. Join us!

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