Weight Loss Journey – Taking a Break but not Stopping!

I haven’t posted about my weight loss in a couple of weeks and rather than giving it up entirely, I’ve decided to take a break from obsessing about it and blogging about it for a couple of weeks. I’m very pleased to have lost 20 pounds but have sort of gotten stuck there.  You can read my post where I show my before and after pictures (or more like before and during!)

I’ve been super busy training some new helpers in the shop, and going out of town for a family vacation. Plus, this weekend I have my guild’s annual retreat to look forward to.

So, while these are not excuses to give up and go crazy with my eating, I’ve tried to simply maintain good habits during this fun but busy time, but not stress about counting calories or stepping on the scale for a little while. This will also be a good chance to see if I can maintain my weight loss without having to monitor it every day!

The scary thing about this is that I could gain a lot of weight very quickly if I’m not careful – but I am NOT going to do that! After all, the weather is finally starting to cool off a little and I can finally enjoy running outside again!

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey – Taking a Break but not Stopping!

  1. Kathleen OGrady says:

    Don’t get discouraged, your doing great and the proof is in your photo. take a break if needed and then get back at it, sometimes that helps. I give you cudo’s for what you have accomplished!

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