Favorite Tools #8 – Pinmoor Pin Anchors

I love Pinmoors! These nifty little pieces of hard rubbery plastic are my favorite way to baste a quilt. I first heard about them a year ago and it’s taken me that long to try them out and see if I like them. The answer is a definite yes.

Pinmoor Jewel TonePinmoor Sunburst

Now I use them for basting all of my quilts. Both the pin and the Pinmoor rest on the surface of the quilt and are made of silicone that will last indefinitely. Here’s a picture of my Busy Hands quilt I basted, using Pinmoors:

Pinmoor Basting

One of my customers suggested this tip to make them more economical:  cut each one in half and insert the pin into the edge. You can see a whole versus half Pinmoor below:

Half PinmoorIt takes me about 50-100 Pinmoors to baste a baby-sized quilt depending on how far apart I space them. I use regular quilting pins to pin through the layers of my quilt and cap each one with a Pinmoor. I can stick the pin anywhere into the Pinmoor and it will hold nicely.

It’s very easy to remove them while machine quilting; I just drop each piece into a bag that I keep at my table while quilting. I can separate the pins from the Pinmoors with a magnet when I’m all done and they are ready to go for next time!

Bag of PinmoorsPinmoors also come in very handy for putting on a binding. I like to pin my binding around the entire edge of my quilt then hand or machine stitch it closed.

Binding with PinmoorsFor more of my favorite tools, please see my previous post here.

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