QuiltCon Here I Come! Charming Chevrons Juried-In

I just got the best news ever! I just found out that my Charming Chevrons quilt was accepted into QuiltCon, the modern quilting conference taking place in Austin, Texas in February.

I am practically speechless and beside myself with joy! I am already registered to attend the conference, and in fact just booked my plane ticket today.  This is like icing on the cake! 🙂

Here is the front of Charming Chevrons (you can click to enlarge):

Charming Chevrons Front

And here is the back (which I think is just as much fun as the front):

Charming Chevrons Back

One of the quilting goals I made for the new year was to get a quilt accepted into a major show. Well, now I can cross that one off the list. (Or maybe I should say I’ll add to it?)

I will update the goal to read, “Win a ribbon at a major quilt show.” I’m sure this new goal will take much more than a year to accomplish, but I believe anything is possible with enough patience and perseverance!

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