Featured Designer: Heather Black of Quiltachusetts

Today I’m happy to have a guest post from my friend Heather Black of Quiltachusetts. Heather is a talented designer of modern quilts and when you visit her blog, you’ll recognize some of the designs on her published page.

Heather Black

Her most recent adventure is fabric design, and I know you’ll enjoy hearing about that. Take it away, Heather!

I’m so honored that Christa asked me to be a guest on her blog. Christa was one of the first quilters I met online and she’s been a mentor as well as a friend through the years. 

She encouraged me to follow my own sensibilities when it came to designing quilts and gave me the courage to branch out into fabric design when Paintbrush Studio came calling.

Fat quarters of Sketchbook by Heather Black for Paintbrush Studio

Earlier this year my first fabric line, Sketchbook for Paintbrush Studio, was released. I don’t know what I would have done without Christa’s support and guidance. The fabric line was inspired by a quilt I designed called Swatches.

Swatches by Heather Black

When I designed this quilt, I wanted the pink swatches to look like paint cakes, but the quilting is where I really found inspiration for the fabric line. 

I liked the black outline quilting around the paint cakes. It reminded me of doodling or sketching, and from there I began playing with shapes and textures that had the same feel and look.

Detail, Swatches by Heather Black

I also designed three different quilts to go along with the fabric line. They’re Sketchbook Sampler, Office Daydreams and Topsy-Turvy. Two of the designs are fat quarter friendly, and they use Painter’s Palette Solids as the background.

All of the prints from the line and the patterns are now available in my shop, quiltachusetts.com.

I’m so thankful to Paintbrush Studio for taking the risk and giving me a chance to design fabric. I really love the process and the creativity of it all.  My second fabric line, Road Trip, will be out before the end of the year. It’s all very exciting.

Again, this fabric line was inspired by a quilt I designed, and that quilt was inspired by all the road trips my family took and still takes. We’ve driven all over the USA and parts of Canada. 

I really appreciate the memories and time spent with my parents and siblings. The Road Trip fabric line is a combination of bright cheery colors and geometric shapes.

Road Trip by Heather Black

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about the inspiration behind my quilts and fabric. I love the design process and making quilts and I encourage all quilters to add their own personality to every quilt they create.

Detail, Road Trip by Heather Black

Isn’t it great to see that Heather has found her creative voice? She has a unique style all her own. It was fun to hear how her modern quilt designs inspired fabric designs! Be sure to visit Heather’s website and her blog, and follow her on Instagram: @quiltachusetts.

Quilt Las Vegas 2018 and Lots of Gorgeous Modern Quilts

My local quilt guild, Desert Quilters of Nevada. recently held their 28th annual show of Quilt Las Vegas. I’ve been entering off and on over the years since the early 2000’s and it’s still exciting to participate after all these years.

DQN Quilted banner by Karen Garth

Desert Quilters of Nevada quilted banner made by past president Karen Garth

The competition is always fierce, and the judging is always performed by a certified judge. Even after all these years of entering this show, it’s still thrilling whenever one of my quilts wins a ribbon and I love the feedback provided by the judge.

Below are my entries from the show along with the judge’s comments, plus several more that caught my eye. I’m so happy to see that more and more members are making modern quilts, and especially that more are being accepted into non-modern categories. Enjoy the virtual show!

Diamond in the Rough by Christa Watson

Diamond in the Rough, made in 2016. 2nd place, Modern category.
Originally patterned in QuiltCon magazine 2017, it hung in QuiltCon last year and also received an honorable mention in the modern category at UQSM quilt show in 2017.

Judge’s comments for Diamond in the Rough

  • Repetition of shape unifies design while variations provide interest.
  • Very graphic presentation.
  • Very good piecing.
  • Quilting designs are well-chosen for their areas.
  • Good machine quilting technique.
  • Slight imbalance in tension noted with red thread. Continue to strive for accurate retracing.
  • Bit of red in binding was a good choice.
  • Binding is good.

Positive Direction Quilt by Christa Watson

Positive Direction, made in 2016. 2nd place, Holiday category.
Originally patterned in one size in Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine.
Updated pattern now includes 4 sizes, available as print pattern or PDF download.

Judge’s comments for Positive Direction

  • Good interplay between quilt top design and quilting design.
  • Very good accuracy in piecing.
  • Good machine quilting technique.
  • Strive for more accuracy in retracing bubbles.
  • Binding is well done.

Scrap Happy by Christa Watson

Scrap Happy, made in 2017. 2nd place, Pieced – One Person category
Cover quilt + patterned in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, October 2017.
I recently gifted this quilt to my son to take with him to college.

Scrap Happy Machine Quilting Detail

Machine Quilting Detail on Scrap Happy

Judge’s comments for Scrap Happy

  • Good definition between figure and ground.
  • Good machine piecing.
  • Colors are well balanced across quilt top.
  • Quilting designs further enhance definition between figure and ground.
  • Continue to strive for consistent stitch length in machine quilting.
  • Pieced binding enhances scrappy feel. Corners should be square.

I always mention to my students when teaching machine quilting not to stress too much about consistent stitch length when making their quilts. Yes, judges notice my “imperfections” in my quilts, but they still like them enough to award them ribbons, and I love making them without stressing about creating perfect stitches!

Other Gorgeous Quilts

Autumn Path quilt by Vicki Ruebel

Autumn Leaf by Vicki Ruebel of Orchid Owl Quilts
1st Place Pieced – One Person category and best machine quilting.

Vicki is a great friend and amazing quilter. We encourage each to other enter lots of quilt shows and I don’t even mind that she usually beats me every time, LOL!!

I love our friendly competition because it always pushes me to be a better quilter. Incidentally, her quilt was also patterned in the same issue of American Patchwork and quilting that has Scrap Happy on the cover. There’s even a bonus article on how she quilted it!

The Big Pickle by Vicki Ruebel

The Big Pickle, also by Vicki Ruebel. 1st Place, Modern

Yep, this one beat mine in the modern category, but isn’t it fabulous? This quilt nabs an award at each show it is entered, and deservedly so!

Corn Flowers by Cory Allender

Corn Flowers by Cory Allender and her Instagram quilting bee.
2nd place, collaboration/group quilt.
Design source: Blossom Heart Quilts Beehive

I love the quilting on this quilt. Cory is an amazing award winning longarm quilter and she’s nailed both the modern and traditional aesthetic.

Diamond Rings by Karen Garth

Diamond Rings by Karen Garth, Honorable Mention Modern Category
Original design and made by Karen

Karen, the past president who made the DQN banner at the top of this post always creates such stunning, dynamic work. I have a thing for black and white and this design really makes my heart sing!

Float by Melissa Bonilla

Float by Melissa Bonilla – Modern Category
inspired by Floating Embers

Every time I attend quilt shows, I wish I could bring my own ribbons! If so, I would have put one on Melissa’s quilt above. I may actually have to do that at a show someday. Hmmm, maybe I can create my own “Christa’s Choice” ribbon!!!

Modern Logs Quilt

Super Star Bingo by Lynda Blair – quilted by Cory Allender – Modern

I walked by this quilt and was stunned by the gorgeous colors and fabric placement. I was thinking “why do I love this quilt?” and on closer inspection realized the maker had used my Modern Logs quilt pattern to make it, LOL!! She even gave me credit in her artist’s statement as the design source.

Super Star Bingo Text

I’m totally happy when people make quilts from my patterns and enter them into shows, and I especially love it when they give credit to the designer. 🙂

Quilt Show Quilts

Bertha (left) by Melissa Curley – Third Place Modern
Theresa’s Crayon Box (right) by Theresa C – Third place, small pieced

I took this picture from the show which illustrates what I love about quilting and the quilting community. From minimalist modern designs to blinged and bedazzled art pieces – there’s truly something for everyone when it comes to quilting!

Ben Modern Quilt by Melissa Curley

Ben by Melissa Curley –  Judge’s Choice – Show Theme Category

Here’s another fabulous piece by Melissa Curley. I’m a fan of everything she makes and her sense of design and color are spot on! I think it’s kinda cool that she gives all of her quilts first names. Read her artist statement below, explaining the fun pop culture reference.

Artists Statement at Quilt Show

I hope you’ve enjoyed the virtual show and remember – entering quilts into shows isn’t really about the competition. It’s about sharing your work with a larger audience and inspiring others to make quilts they’d only dream about!!

My Quilts from Modern Quilts: Designs of a New Century – Modern X and HST

Today I’m pleased to be a part of the blog tour for the brand new book published by The Modern Quilt Guild and C&T Publishing, Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century. 

It’s a beautiful coffee table book presented in hard cover with images of over 200 modern quilts.

Modern Quilts Book

Click here to pick up your copy of Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century.

I always like to give a little behind the scenes backstory about how I end up being featured in collaborations such as this one. Sometimes it’s luck, other times it’s tenacity, and most of the time, it’s a bit of both!

When I attended the first QuiltCon in 2013, I knew right away that the time had finally come to start getting published and raise my professional quilting profile. One of the lectures I attended was on publishing a book, given by the editor of C&T, with panelists such as Angela Walters, among others. I came home from the show on fire and ready to get to work! Although I ultimately went with a different publisher for my own books, I’ve always been impressed with the quality of books published by C&T (and will be a small part of another book of theirs coming up in 2018 – so stay tuned).

An early “profile” image of me with Modern X back in 2014.

As soon as I could, I starting participating in Modern Quilt Guild events, submitting quilts to their shows each year, teaching at QuiltCon, giving webinars, and being one of their designers of the month (back in 2014-the first year they launched that program.) In other words, I got involved!!

When the MQG had a call for entries for this book, I eagerly applied. They looked through images of all the quilts that were submitted along with entries into all previous QuiltCons and I was pleased to end up with two quilts in the book!

Modern X

Modern X Quitling Detail

Check out #modernxquilt on instagram to see many amazing versions of this quilt!

Click here to get the PDF version of Modern X quilt pattern.
Click here to get the print version of Modern X quilt pattern.

Modern X was featured as one of the quilt patterns of the month created by and for MQG members. Here’s a fun fact: It was my suggestion that the MQG feature the quilts of the month as a special exhibit at QuiltCon which they’ve done every year since 2015!

Modern X at QuiltCon with Bill Volckening

Modern X on display during the “special exhibits tour” given by Bill Volckening at QuiltCon 2015

This quilt has gone on to win an award at a local quilt show and has been in a couple of traveling exhibitions of modern quilts. This is also the quilt I talk about when I share the importance of batting and basting in my lectures. (Originally I used a polyester batting for Modern X which created all kinds of puckers because it’s so slippery. I un-quilted, re-basted, and re-quilted this quilt using a cotton blend batting and was much happier with the results!)

HST (The Original)

HST Quilt

The original HST quilt. My photography isn’t great since this was taken before we got good equipment. However the photos in the book are top notch!

HST (Half -Square Triangle) was originally patterned way back in issue 5 of Make Modern Magazine. When I originally made the quilt in 2015 I knew I had created a special design and wanted to enter it into QuiltCon for 2016. However, when I went to wash the quilt, I used a “gentle” wash powder that ended up bleaching parts of the quilt!

bleach stain on HST quilt

The quilt now has random bleach stains throughout. 😦

Needless to say I was devastated. Since I’m always one to try and turn lemons into lemonade, I was pleased when this quilt was still able to be selected for the book. With some clever photoshop editing, you can’t see the bleach stains in the book photography and I’m glad it was able to be included.

Machine Quilting HST

Quilting Detail on HST

Since I love making functional quilts, I still use the quilt every day and it’s nice and warm because I used super thick cotton batting. I quilted HST with a lot of straight line quilting, and I created a woven texture in the background by alternating the direction of the lines. I threw in a few random spirals in the lighter gray blocks.

HST pieced backing

HST Backing – I love making pieced backs from leftovers!

The only thing I wasn’t happy about HST (besides the bleach stains) is that doesn’t hang well because I used a woven textured background fabric. Because of the looser weave, the background ended up stretching too much as I quilted it.

So even thought it was painful to accidentally “ruin” a quilt, I decided that if I remade the quilt, I’d be able to create an even better version and try out some different quilting ideas.

HST Remix

HST Remix by Christa Watson

I was pleased to sneak in a little of my Modern Marks fabric for the binding!

And now there’s another happy ending to this story. Because I loved this design so much, I knew I had to remake it and submit it for QuiltCon 2018. I almost cried when I received my acceptance that it made it into the show!

The background of the HST remix is all pieced from regular cotton solids so they were nice and stable and didn’t stretch. In both versions, the negative space is made from individually pieced background squares to add a bit more dimension rather than using large chunks of fabric.

HST's in progress

Improv-pieced HST’s

There are some slight differences from the first version. Because I ran out of fabric, I had to do some improv piecing to get enough triangles. I also decided to make them slightly bigger so that it would fit my bed. I also kept the idea of random pops of yellow and lighter gray but tried not to duplicate the layout exactly.

Quilting Plan

Quilting plan for HST

A draft “quilting plan” for HST remix. I obviously went in a different direction, but kept some of the elements in my final version. It often takes me many tries until I get a design I like.

The hardest part was deciding how to quilt it! I went through dozens of iterations of quilting plans until I could find something I liked. To make a quilting plan, I’ll print a copy of the design from EQ8 and will try sketching out different ideas until I’m pleased with how it looks. (You can do something similar by printing a photo of the quilt top.)

Although this takes time, it saves me hours of time ripping out a quilted design that looks great in my head, but doesn’t actually work on the quilt!

quilting plan for hst remix

Another quilting plan in progress – it’s getting closer to what I actually did!

Machine Quilting on HST RemixClick the image above to see closeup details.

I think my favorite part of the quilting was quilting some irregular chevron designs in each of the HST blocks and adding a bit of  “embellishment” by randomly quilting a different free-motion design in a few of the blocks.

HST remix quilting detail

I gave a nod to the original HST with a touch of straight line quilting and modern spirals.

Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out and I’m pleased that the original HST is preserved in the book, and folks will get to see HST remix “in the cloth” at QuiltCon next year!

More detail of HST remix

I loved using Alison Glass handcrafted batiks for this quilt!

Click here for a list of all the stops on the Modern Quilts blog hop, and to see more of the beautiful quilts in the book! There are no patterns in the book, just hundreds of pages of beautiful modern quilts for you to explore. I highly recommend this volume for anyone interested in modern quilts!

My Quilt Finishes 2012 – 2014

I recently organized my finished quilts page, showcasing the quilts I’ve made from 2012-2014. The year 2012 was a turning point for me because that’s when I discovered modern quilting and decided I wanted to be a “quilt professional.” Although my quilts aren’t all strictly modern, it’s fun to see them all on one page. I finished 7 quilts each in 2012 and 2013 and then really ramped things up with 19 finishes in 2014!!

I just tell myself that I’m making up for lost time during that period in my life where “Christa didn’t quilt!” 🙂 You can click on each of the pictures for more detailed information about that quilt. Most of them include pattern information, tutorials, or inspirational in-process pics. Enjoy the show!

2014 Finishes


Optical Illusion



Mini Churn Dash

Mini Churn Dash

Modern Logs

Modern Logs



Modern Quilt

Spiraling out of Control

Modern X

Modern X

12 quilts for my book in 2015!

12 quilts for my book in 2015!

2013 Finishes

Modern Trees

Modern Trees

Colorful Chevrons

Colorful Chevrons

String of Pearls

String of Pearls

Roses for Katelyn

Roses for Katelyn

Hugs 'n Kisses

Hugs ‘n Kisses

Sea of Squares

Sea of Squares

Love by Christa

Love Table Runner

2012 Finishes (The Year I Discovered Modern Quilting)

Charming Chevrons

Charming Chevrons

Girl Baby Bricks

Baby Bricks in Pink

Blue Baby Bricks

Baby Bricks in Blue

Finished Quilt

Busy Hands

Jolly Jelly Roll Quilt

Jolly Jelly Roll Quilt

Hearts and Feathers Wholecloth

Hearts and Feathers Wholecloth

Log Cabin Wreath, Pieced and Quilted by Christa Wason 18" x 18"

Log Cabin Mini Wreath

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at the International Quilt Festival

I was stoked when I found out that Quilt Market attendees could also see all the beautiful quilts on display for the International Quilt Festival which opens this weekend. I was able to take pictures of 32 quilts which were presented in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase. I’m happy for you to save and share any of the images below – just be sure to credit me as the photographer along with the name of the quiltmaker. 🙂

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase Special Exhibit

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase Special Exhibit

I’m sorry that some of the pictures have tape and poles in front of them, and the lighting wasn’t the best. But I hope you enjoy the show!

Amazonia by Nathalie Bearden

Amazonia by Nathalie Bearden

Anni Albers' Orange Chair Martha Peterson

Anni Albers’ Orange Chair by Martha Peterson

Avalon Sunrise by Colleen Wootton

Avalon Sunrise by Colleen Wootton

Back to Basics by Melissa Corry

Back to Basics by Melissa Corry

Blue Circle Quilt by Kim Eichler-Messmer

Blue Circle Quilt by Kim Eichler-Messmer

Boxed In by Elizabeth Dackson

Boxed In by Elizabeth Dackson

Broken Bars by Rebecca Roach

Broken Bars by Rebecca Roach

Citrus Wedge by Jennifer Carlton Bailly

Citrus Wedge by Jennifer Carlton Bailly

City Center by Angie Henderson

City Center by Angie Henderson

Colorado 4x4 by Stephanie Ruyle

Colorado 4×4 by Stephanie Ruyle

Cycles 2 by Leanne Chahley

Cycles 2 by Leanne Chahley

Didn't Get the Memo by Alissa Carlton

Didn’t Get the Memo by Alissa Carlton

Entropy by Elisa Albury

Entropy by Elisa Albury

Fade Into Gray by Stephanie Ruyle

Fade Into Gray by Stephanie Ruyle

Fissures by Debra Jeske

Fissures by Debra Jeske

Folded Flock by Jenna Brand

Folded Flock by Jenna Brand

Funky Junk by Renee Tallman

Funky Junk by Renee Tallman

Grand Canal by Casey York, Quilted by Ann McNew

Grand Canal by Casey York, Quilted by Ann McNew

Homage by Jacquie Gering

Homage by Jacquie Gering

Las Ventanas by Kristin Shields

Las Ventanas by Kristin Shields

Melon Ice by Amy Friend

Melon Ice by Amy Friend

Modern X by Christa Watson

Modern X by Christa Watson

Namaste by Cheryl Olson

Namaste by Cheryl Olson

Off Center by Charlotte Noll

Off Center by Charlotte Noll

Pick Up Sticks by Becky Goldsmith

Pick Up Sticks by Becky Goldsmith

Pixel Pusher II Caro Sheridan

Pixel Pusher II Caro Sheridan

Spiced Chai Quilt by Katie Blakesley

Spiced Chai Quilt by Katie Blakesley

Spiraling Out of Control by Christa Watson

Spiraling Out of Control by Christa Watson

Summer Break by Amy Anderson

Summer Break by Amy Anderson

Sunburst Quilt by Tara Faughnan

Sunburst Quilt by Tara Faughnan

The White Rainbow by Shruti Dandekar

The White Rainbow by Shruti Dandekar

Tune In Next Week by Chawne Kimber, Quilted by Pamela Cole

Tune In Next Week by Chawne Kimber, Quilted by Pamela Cole

Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ll do a complete quilt market wrap up this Thursday, including sharing the names of my market SWAG giveaway winners. I had enough loot to choose 3 people!!

A Stack of Finishes – What I did on my summer vacation.

I have been busy all summer finishing this stack of quilts. It’s been such a pleasure to work on them! Although it will be quite a while before I am ready to reveal them in public, I can truly say I’ve grown as a quilter while creating them. It’s been a little tricky blogging and sharing on Instagram (@christaquilts) when there’s nothing to show, but I’ve been enjoying posting a few little sneaky peeks now and then.

20140827_quilt_stackWhat I did over summer vacation. Now it’s time to get busy on the design wall again!


Modern Quilts at HMQS 2014

This weekend I got a chance to attend the Home Machine Quilting Show in Sandy, Utah (near SLC). I attended this particular show for the first time last year and was excited to return again this year. Although I didn’t take any classes, and there was a little too much “bling” for my tastes, they had a very well-represented modern category.

hmqs logoIn fact, this was probably the best selection of modern quilts I’ve seen in the last few shows I’ve attended. I think more and more people are starting to “get” modern quilting, which I, for one, am thrilled about! I present these beauties now for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

modern_1st_maryModern Dots with a Passion, 1st Place Modern by Mary Buckeyene, Las Vegas, NV

Mary is a member of our local traditional guild. I was thrilled to see a ribbon hanging on her fabulous quilt, and pleased to see she’s made the modern switch!

modern_2nd_lindaModern Mojo 2nd Place Modern by Linda Thielfolt, Troy, MI

If I remember correctly, this quilt also got a ribbon at MQX in 2013. Nicely done, Linda! 🙂

modern_3rd_candaceFloating on a Lazy River, 3rd Place Modern by Candace West, Floral City, FL

It was fun to see a ribbon on this quilt. I remember seeing it hanging at Road to Ca earlier this year (ribbonless). It just goes to show that different judges have different tastes, so if you enter your quilts into a variety of shows, who knows – you just may hit the jackpot!

dandelion_clockDandelion Clock by Linda Hungerford, Honorable Mention, Conventional Machine

I just love this cheery quilt! It was made by my friend Linda and it just goes to show that turnabout is fair play. Linda photographed my quilt at Paducah for me a few weeks ago, and I was happy to return the favor at this show where she was unable to attend!

string_of_pearlsMy String of Pearls quilt at HMQS. I love entering my quilts in shows because the most fun part of finishing a quilt, is the sharing that comes after!

The rest of the quilts below earn my seal of approval for “awesomeness in modern quilting.” Most of the modern quilts at HMQS were pieced and quilted by the same person which thrills me to no end! Yes, you really can make show quality quilts on your own. 🙂

threes_a_charmThree’s a Charm by Sue Mariotti, Seattle, WA

zephyrVarigated by Paige Alexander, Easley, SC (pattern design by Debbie Grifka)

love_prayLove, Pray, Hope, Give by Kristin Barrus, Lehi, UT

greenTiki by Mary Eldredge, Murray, UT

gray_starsGray Stars by Corinna Weir, Salt Lake City, UT

alphabetModern Alphabet by Gerrie Thompson, Happy Valley, OR

green_trianglesSpring Frenzy by DeAnn Oliekan, Kaysville, UT

I hope you enjoyed the virtual show!

My Cup Runneth Over…

I just found out two very exciting pieces of news today, and forgive me if I can’t help but put them out there for all the world to see!

Excitement #1 – Colorful Chevrons Takes 3rd at Paducah!

Thanks to my friend Linda H. for sending me this phone pic. She just happens to be there covering the story for AQ magazine and was able to show me the good news. The funny thing is, I couldn’t remember when QuiltWeek started and had my dates confused. I was thinking I wouldn’t hear anything about it until at least next week!

AQS Paducah Modern 3rd PlaceColorful Chevrons won 3rd place in the Large Wall Quilts – Modern category.
Click here for a list of all the winners.

Excitement #2 – I’ve Been Nominated for Teacher of the Year!

I’ve been nominated for 2014 Teacher of The Year, presented by the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. Although I didn’t win, I’m in total agreement with who was chosen. In fact, after reading the email announcing the 8 nominees and the winner, I’m completely awed and humbled to be among those who made the final list.

teacher of the year image

No, I’m not going to spill the beans and spoil any surprises yet. The winner and all of the finalists will be given coverage in the Spring Issue of The Professional Quilter, and it will be up to any of them if they want to announce it publicly first. 🙂

My cup truly runneth over….

Book Review – Quilting With a Modern Slant

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book review but I’m excited to tell you about a new book I recently got my hands on. It’s titled, “Quilting With a Modern Slant” by Rachel May, and it includes interviews, summaries or patterns from over 70 modern quilters! Many of those profiled in the book are familiar names, while several of those featured are new to me.

To sum up, this book is one huge dose of inspiration! I love reading quilting books and spent several trips to the park and weekend vacations pouring over this book in detail.

modern_slant_book_origAt over 200 pages in length, with literally hundreds of fabulous pictures to look at, this book is quite a bargain! Here are just a few of my favorite quilt images from the book:

Quilt (1995) by Anna Williams, 76" x 61"

Quilt (1995) by Anna Williams, 76″ x 61″

Cartwheels by Lee Hinerich 48" x 54"

Cartwheels by Lee Heinrich 48″ x 54″

Spin Cycle by Debbie Grifka, 63" x 79"

Spin Cycle by Debbie Grifka, 63″ x 79″

Seattle Star pieced by Katie Pedersen, machine quilted by Krista Withers, 60" x 60"

Seattle Star pieced by Katie Pedersen, machine quilted by Krista Withers, 60″ x 60″

Dropping a Stone by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 54" x 54"

Dropping a Stone by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 54″ x 54″

And these are just a few of the beauties shown in this fabulous book! Quilting With a Modern Slant is like your own little personal modern quilt show, and I think it’s a fabulous reference for anyone and everyone who appreciates modern quilts.


I will leave you with a quote from author Rachel May, “It’s my hope that the book functions as an exploration of the connections between all quilters and the stories we have to tell through what we make.

“No matter how we define ourselves, quilters forge powerful communities, in which we rely on each other for friendship, feedback, and inspiration. I’m excited about that sense of community, and what we can accomplish together.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Sew and Tell – Do You EQ? I Do!

It’s no secret I love designing and making quilts.

Since discovering the modern quilting movement, I’ve been inspired to create more original designs in the last 2 years than I have in the last 10 years combined! All it took was finding my niche and discovering the right motivation.

I’m pleased to announce that the folks over at Electric Quilt are enjoying my passion for design, too!

I’ve recently been invited to become an “official” EQ Artist and am now featured on their Do You EQ? site along with plenty of other well-known quilters in the industry. I have to tell you, it’s a little bit intimidating to be featured alongside so many amazing quilters who also design in EQ. I keep waiting for them to tell me, “not really – we were just kidding!”

But lots of good has come out of this. For starters, it has encouraged me to do all of my designing in EQ7 so that I can practice becoming comfortable with more aspects of the software.

Modern Log Cabin Rough SketchMy latest EQ7 design – This quilt will do double duty as my entry into the next MQG fabric challenge, and as a future class sample. Stay tuned for more!

Also, I’ve finally taken the plunge and have started publishing my own patterns, integrating images from EQ7 along with good old basic word processing software. So far I’ve only finished one pattern, but the next one will launch soon, and I’ve got more coming. Be sure to keep an eye on my Craftsy Pattern Store for more.

Charming Chevrons – my first officially “published” pattern. You’ve seen this one before!

Finally, I’ve decided I will start teaching some introduction to EQ7 classes later this year. I’ve had several requests to teach about the software, but it will take me awhile to develop a class. My favorite local quilt shop is in need of new teacher so the timing is right. I’ll keep you posted in case any of you are in the mood for a road trip to Vegas later in the fall.

And now, on to the next design!