Favorite Tools – Flickr!

I finally decided to jump on the Flickr bandwagon and I hope you will, too! I have created a Flickr group especially for my quilt-along tutorials, and the link for you to join is:


Jolly Jelly RollPink Baby BricksBlue Baby BricksCharming ChevronsSea of Squares

So before I go any further, I want to answer the question, what the heck is flickr all about? I’m answering because I’ve had this thought for several months now since I first heard of it.

Simply put, flickr is an interactive forum where you can post pictures, engage in discussions, and comment on other people’s photos and conversations. There are literally thousands of different groups on flickr, each moderated by the group’s creator.

My quilt-along group is a great supplement to my blog because you can post pictures of the quilts you are working on, ask me questions, and get input from anyone else in the group.


I have long lamented that I didn’t have a good way for you to share your WIP’s (works-in-progress) but now you can! And the best part is, you don’t even need a blog to participate – just a free flickr account.

My friend Alyssa from Pile O’ Fabric moderates a group on flickr for her Skillbuilder Block of the Month. She has put together 3 fantastic video tutorials showing how to create a flickr account and join some groups. Watch them and then be sure to join my group (and hers!)

3 thoughts on “Favorite Tools – Flickr!

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks Christa. I have joined your group and put up a couple of photos. I don’t blog so it is very nice to display some of my creations.

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