Christa’s Quilt Links – QuiltCon Sneak Peek

I’ve put together a little Sneak Peek of a few quilts going to QuiltCon. I do a LOT of blog surfing for inspiration and by chance have come across quite a a few blogs whose quilts have been accepted into this show.

Think of this as a mini show for those of you that cannot attend in person. I think this is only natural since the whole Modern quilting movement essentially started online. It only makes sense that we should all share.

This post is long, but I wanted to show a large enough of picture of each quilt so you can enjoy their beauty. All pictures are re-posted with permission of each quiltmaker.

Leanne from She Can Quilt:





Lee, from Freshly Pieced:

Modern Mirage

Modern Mirage

Shattered Spectrum

Shattered Spectrum



Faith from Fresh Lemons:

Off Centered Improv

Off Centered Improv

Belle Wave

Belle Wave

Kati From The Blue Chair:

From the Blue Chair

Unraveled, Broken Diamonds, NY Beauty Mini

(Unraveled was featured in the latest issue of Modern Quilting Unlimited – Yay Kati!)

Melissa from Happy Quilting:



Melissa has a tutorial on how to make this pretty quilt here.

Katie from Swim, Bike Quilt:

Desert Stars

Desert Stars, Dear Stella Challenge

Amy from The Cute Life:


Birthstones, Madrona Road Challenge Winner to be Displayed in Michael Miller’s Booth

Be sure to visit each of these quilters’ blogs for some fantastic inspiration and and to learn a little bit more about each quilt. To think that my quilt will be hung with these lovelies is a humbling thought. I couldn’t ask for better company.

I am also super excited about all of the classes and lectures being offered at QuiltCon. I will be taking Angela Walters’ machine quilting class and I look forward to translating her long-arm quilting techniques into domestic machine quilting on my Bernina.

There are two lectures that I am most eager to attend; one is on preparing a book proposal and the other is discussing how to get one’s work into magazines. Since these are listed as part of my professional quilting goals, I will be all ears!

Every time I turn around, one of the awesome modern bloggers I follow has gotten one of her patterns published in a magazine or is writing her next book. If that’s not inspiration and encouragement I don’t know what is. 🙂

By the way, if any of you are going, here’s a link to my QuiltCon intro post with my picture. I’m pretty short (but feisty) so you can come on up to me in the halls or on the show floor and I’ll be glad to meet ya!

13 thoughts on “Christa’s Quilt Links – QuiltCon Sneak Peek

  1. Mary Marcotte says:

    These are amazing quilts and I’m honored to have one displayed with them. I hope to meet you and so many other inspirational quilters. How wonderful to be able to experience this historical event!

  2. Jenny C says:

    I so wish i was going to Quiltcon! the quilts pictured are amazing! Thank you for sharing.
    I’m very excited to have three quilts at Qlitcon – Two in the Simplicity Booth and One in the Dear Stella Challenge.
    I’m sure it will be an inspirational show – will just have to keep an eye on posts featuring its awesomeness.

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the preview. I’d love a visit to Austin, but it isn’t in the budget! I hope you have a wonderful time. That’s good company for your chevrons.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for sending those photos of the quilts. I am hoping you will take lots of photos when you go to QuiltCon so we can see some fabulous quilts. Have fun and I hope you get a ribbon for your quilt!!

  5. Deb Cox says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these quilts with us. I have just subscribed to many more
    inspirational blogs now. Lovely, just lovely. If it wasn’t for ladies like you and this marvelous thing called a computer, my life would be quite void of the joy abd happiness of “you’ve got mail”. Congrats on one of your beauties going to QuiltCon Christa!

  6. Abby says:

    Sad face. I wanna come. But from Oz it’s a bit too far… Please take lots of photos and blog lots of stuff for us. I’m sure there are plenty of us who will be living quilt con vicariously through blogs.

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