Sew and Tell Baby French Roses #6 – Quilting

I am really pleased with how my Baby French Roses quilt is turning out. All I have left to finish is the binding. If I can knock that out this week, I  can enter into my guild’s annual quilt show next week. 🙂

French Rose Buds

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to quilt it. You can read about some of my previous FMQ auditions here.

I knew I wanted to quilt small pebbles surrounding the roses, and larger circles in the sashing, so that’s where I began. I quilted a concentric circle around each flower to give it more texture while allowing the raw edges to show. You can see the difference that the quilting in the yellow rose makes compared to the un-quilted pink one. It really defines it!

Quilting the Petals

It was a big stretch for me to quilt all of those circles free-hand with no marking or measuring. I eyeballed it the whole way. In fact, none of the quilting was marked, it was all free-form, a very big step for me!

Quilting the Frames

I had a hard time coming up with an idea for the frames around the flowers until I settled on simple straight lines. I used the edge of my walking foot as a guide and quilted two straight rows around each block. One quilted, the frames had sort of a wood-grain texture, reminding me of planter boxes that the roses could grow in.

I then repeated the straight line quilting in the inner borders to unify the design.

Detail Quilting

Practice DrawingFinally I added a sort of floral motif for the borders that roughly matched the quilting in the petals. I used Glide thread in the top and bobbin for most of the quilting and switched out thread colors to match the fabrics.

It took me pages and pages of practice drawing with pen and paper until I got the feel for how to form wobbly concentric rose petals continuously.

I’ve been keeping track of how long it takes me to machine quilt to get an idea of the complexity. It took me 13.5  hours to quilt this over a 3 day time-span.

After it’s trimmed and  bound I’ll wash the quilt few times (with color catcher sheets) to fray up the edges, and then she’s good to go!

French Rose Buds Quilt

French Roses kits are available in my store for a limited time. You can see my progress and read my previous post here.

32 thoughts on “Sew and Tell Baby French Roses #6 – Quilting

  1. ElPetitTaller says:

    it’s turning out beautifully! I think you’ve chosen the right pattern for quilting on every section. I specially like the roses on the outer border. What a pretty quilt!

  2. Marcia R says:

    It’s gorgeous. I’ve also spent many hours on the first couple quilts I’ve FMQ’d, but I really think the extra detail is worth it!

  3. msannie says:

    Oh, my, that’s gorgeous! PLEEZE finish it and enter it in the Quilt Show. Would that I could be there this year like last year! didn’t we have a ball! Mama

  4. Sandi says:

    Ii think your quilt is gorgeous! I love how you have explained the quilting, it suits it perfect. I have made a large French Roses quilt and just love it.

  5. Maga says:

    Even though the border flower quilting must have taken a lot of the 13.5 hour of quilting you did it is so worth that time and so was the many thoughts you put into deciding how to quilt it. It is such a sweet quilt! Thanks for sharing the process.

  6. Sue Moore says:

    I can’t believe how much the quilting changed the look of the quilt! It’s always been fabulous & now it’s even more amazing! Love it.

  7. melodyflea says:

    What an absolutely beautifully crafted quilt………you have motivated me to work that rose pattern that I bought a bit ago and is sitting waiting to be done.

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