Machine Quilting Inspiration

I love scheduling two weeks in between quilt along tutorials. That gives everyone time to work at their own pace. It also gives me a chance to highlight a few of the WIP’s that everyone is sharing on flickr and on their blogs.

Susan's Trees

Susan N – Desertsky Quilting

Today I especially wanted to give a shout out to a few gals who have already begun machine quilting their quilts.  I’ll start off with Susan from Desertsky Quilting. She whipped up 4 blocks into this cute quickie table runner. She stitched a simple outline around her trees which shows up wonderfully on the back in the photo below:

Susan's Quilting Detail

Susan’s Quilting Detail

I love Susan’s can-do attitude with her quilt. She said, “The walking foot really helped me, and I don’t know if I’ll go beyond straight lines and wavy lines with that, but it was fun, and I loved how easy it was!” It tickles me when quilters like Susan realize that you really can add extra dimension to your quilts, even with simple quilting!

She made my day with her sweet comments when she said, “Your encouragement gave me the confidence I needed and I loved every minute of it.  The quilting is my favorite part.” Me, too, Susan!!

Straight Lines

Katie’s Straight Line Quilting

Katie A. did a fantastic job straight-line quilting this adorable baby quilt made from leftover blocks. Don’t you just love the texture her quilting adds? Fantastic!


Mara C’s Swirls

I adore the quilting that Mara (aka Simon Says Sew) is adding to the background of her trees. It looks like a blustery day in the forest, blowing up piles of snow drifts! I think Mara’s made at least 4 different Modern Tress so far. Can we say teacher’s pet? 🙂

Loops Swirls

Anne J. Loops and Swirls Quilting

Look at those fun loops and swirls that Anne J. has added to her background! Isn’t it great? She’s going for swirling snow and scattered snowflakes. I love it!

There are many more beautiful quilts that everyone is sharing. The fabric choices and color combinations are simply amazing. You can see more fabulous pics here on my flickr group.

My hope with this quilt along is that you will not be afraid to jump in and give machine quilting a try. (And don’t worry – if machine quilting’s not your thing you can still play with us and sew along!)

Background Quilting

Background Quilting for Christa’s Modern Trees

Here’s a sneak peek of my FMQ progress. I’ll give some more in-depth tutorials on background fillers when I finish quilting Modern Trees next week!

13 thoughts on “Machine Quilting Inspiration

  1. oneenglishteacher says:

    I was glad to see the straight line quilting because that is how I plan to quilt my quilt…though I might interrupt the lines for the trees. Hmm…first I have to get it pieced. I’m running way behind since I only have the trees and the background cut out at this point.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilting possibilities that there are on one pattern – I’ve loved seeing the variety. And your work is gorgeous!

  3. Sheila McHugh says:

    I would love to know if Anne J used a Bernina with BSR for her swirls – they look so perfect! And what kind of thread? Sheila

  4. Elisabeth Ostiguy says:

    I am so in to do dong my own quilting- I often create a secondary image in the quilting- For instance, I did a portrait of a friend’s horse and I machine quilted his image next to the horse – he did not want to be in picture but the combination of him and his horse was so intense that I could not ignore it

  5. Sue Moore says:

    I’m so inspired to keep going with my ‘unintentional wonky’ machine quilting! I don’t always know what designs to try but when I see your posts I know I have to persevere ! The more I practice the better I’ll get (well I keep telling myself that 🙂 ) thank you!!

  6. dezertsuz says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! How nice to click over to your blog and see my little trees. =) Each of the highlighted projects is so inspiring. I love the long straight lines on Katie’s and Mara’s swirls are something I’ll have to try when I have more experience. Anne’s loops and swirls are so wonderfully smooth! Your background is almost like mini-Baptist Fans or snowdrifts piling up beneath the trees. Thank you so much for sharing such great quilting inspiration! And thanks to the ladies who did the stitching, too!

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