Modern Quilts at AQS Phoenix 2014

I had the great opportunity to attend AQS Phoenix last week and check out all of the awesome modern quilts. Click here for the list of all AQS winners.


Unraveling #2 by Judy Tescher, Pendleton, IN
3rd Place

It’s inspiring to get up close and personal with so many bold and graphic quilts, something that’s hard to do by just looking at pictures online, or in books and magazines.

Honorable Mention

Thoroughly Modern Millie by Karolyn Jensen, Tucson AZ
Honorable Mention

Throughout this post, I’m sharing modern quilts from the show that really spoke to me and engaged my attention.

Modern Quilts

Bookcases by Jane Bromberg, Kansas City, MO

Whether they were awarded ribbons or not, they are certainly winners in my eyes.

1st Place Modern

Cycles 2 by Leanne Chahley, Alberta, Canada
1st Place

I’m loving that fact that more and more people are taking the plunge and entering their modern quilts into shows because I think it’s having a huge impact on the quilting community.

2nd Place Modern

Fissures by Debra Jeske, Lynnwood, WA
2nd Place

Modern quilters are proving to the world that functional, “made it myself” quilts can be just as beautiful as over-the-top bedazzled pieces.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself – Everyone Else is Taken by Meg Cowey, Western Australia

As quilters embrace the organic beauty of crafting their own quilts rather than opting to pay for computerized perfection, I believe this movement will continue to explode.

Quilterly Realism

Quilterly Realism by Amanda Ruden, Albuquerque, NM

I like to compare quilts show to fashion shows – you can see an amazing amount of diverse talent all in one spot.

Modern Quilt Challenge

Moons Over Bars by Susan Garrity, Wilson, WY
Modern Quilt Challenge

Depending on your own personal aesthetic, the quilts can be soul-inspiring and engaging, or they can be overwhelming and perhaps a little outrageous.

Modern Quilts

Quilts from the Modern Quilt Challenge Exhibit

Whatever the case or your opinion, large national shows certainly generate excitement for the craft and help shape the conversation of quilting.

Modern Quilt Challenge

Quilts from the Modern Quilt Challenge Exhibit

Over time, ongoing trends seen at quilt shows trickle down and permeate throughout the entire quilting community.

More Modern Quilts

Quilts from the Modern Quilt Challenge Exhibit

I for one am glad for the proliferation of quilting events and shows – and I can’t wait for the next one!

Best Modern Quilt

Keep it Simple by Jodi Robinson, Enon Valley, PA
Best Modern Quilt

27 thoughts on “Modern Quilts at AQS Phoenix 2014

  1. Lula says:

    Christa, We were at the show on the same day; I recognized you but you were busy in conversation. I was amazed at all the wonderful modern quilts. Even ones considered traditional seemed to be moving toward modern. Your pictures turned out great.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    Thanks for sharing. It made me homesick, because I really miss my Sonoran Desert. I loved the Be Yourself quilt – the quilting is so unique.

  3. Deb says:

    My husband usually goes with me to quilt shows and he’s, very much, a traditional quilt fan but I’ve noticed in the last couple of shows that he is warming up to modern quilts (as am I). We both voted for “Moons Over Bars” in the Phoenix modern quilt challenge even though there were so many we really liked.

  4. Renee says:

    Thanks for sharing these! The one b Amanda Ruden, Quilterly Realism, won best of show at the NM state fair last year, it is neat to see it somewhere else!

  5. Alice says:

    Moons over Bars and Keep It Simple are my favorites from the quilts you have in this post. I guess I am a little too geometrically oriented to be a real modern quilter, although 53 years with a design engineer does make you think in even balance terms. I do love bold colors and the obvious talent displayed by those with deeper insight than I have. I loved your Modern Chevrons and Pearl Bracelets.

  6. treadlemusic says:

    “Be Yourself…….” and “Moons over Bars” are speaking to me……..they’re all fab, though!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!!!! I, too, am glad for the mod movement!!!!! Hugs…….

    • quiltykanuck says:

      I totally misread that… I thought one of the winners was yours! That is what happens when you are trying to read a blog with a 7mo on your lap and a 3yo running around…
      Beautiful quilts all around though, thank you for sharing!

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