Sizzix Fabric Cutter Tutorial

This summer I had fun playing around with a Sizzix Fabi Personal Die Cutter.

20140908_sizzix1Here’s what I did to test it out:

To use the die, you simply fold the fabric and place it on top of the cutting pad, then sandwich it between the two plastic safety plates.

20140908_sizzix2Hand crank it through the machine and voila! Perfect shapes every time!

20140908_sizzix3Comfortable that I knew how this machine worked, I was ready to try it out on some circles backed with fusible web. (This is for my upcoming Abacus Quilt Along which I mentioned in yesterday’s post.) I thought, if this can work for machine applique, I may never go back to using scissors!

20140908_sizzix4To make the job easier, I ironed strips of paper backed fusible web to the back of my chosen fabrics. I cut each strip about an inch wider than the die. I then rough cut them into squares before running them through the machine. There seemed to be less waste cutting this way.

20140908_sizzix5I stacked 3-4 layers of fusible backed squares and fed them through the machine. Oh. My. Gosh. That was so fast!

20140908_sizzix6Now I have a pile of perfect circles, all ready to be made into a quilt!

20140908_sizzix7Try It Out

20140908_sizzix8If you would like to use the Fabi Personal Fabric Cutters to make my Abacus quilt, click here for the tutorials.


331 thoughts on “Sizzix Fabric Cutter Tutorial

  1. LSN Flores says:

    Clicked on the link and posted what I thought about Sizzix….does this make me a follower of Sizzix? Grateful for a chance to win this machine and die!!

  2. sandi pierie says:

    Love the sizzix products. I went to facebook to sizzix site & posted on. Enjoy your blog. Thanks for opportunityto participate to win the fabric cutter. It would be a time saver.

  3. Betty Bickford says:

    following Sizzix on Facebook and now following you :). I love your blog. Thank you so much for showing the circle. I did circles with a circle rotary cutter till I cut the tip of my thumb, ER visit and nice hospital bill. I would love this die.

  4. Valerie Messina says:

    I liked Sizzix on FB – would love to win one, especially if they include circle dies, because I never cut circles well 🙂

  5. Kate Tegtmeier says:

    Liked and following on Facebook. This would be a great tool to help our charity group give pre-cut kits to those that can no longer cut out fabric but can still sew. Many thanks for this opportunity.

  6. Debi Jimenez (Bielawski) says:

    What a fantastic machine! The projects I could do with that….bad hand makes scissors my workout. Love the creative ideas on the Facebook page..following them now.

  7. Diana Tippie says:

    I read the tutorial and wow. How awesome is that. I use my Sizzix for making jewelry pieces. My sister used to make quilts and wants to get back into it. This would be so awesome for her to have. Might be just the trick to get her excited again. She is 64 and doesnt do computers and facebook but I cant wait to show her your tutorial. Thanks

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