Giveaway Featuring Kona Solids and Abacus Quilt Along Schedule

Thanks to my fabulous friends at Robert Kaufman for donating this lovely bundle of Kona Solids for one of you to win!


This is to get you guys jazzed about my upcoming Quilt Along which starts next week!

Included in the bundle are 8 fat quarters of the exact same colors I am using in my version of Abacus. They are: Navy, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Jade Green, Berry, Cerise, Petunia and Pomegranate. Also included is a nice sized chunk of Medium Grey which is what I picked for my background and binding.

Abacus Full Res

Now, you don’t have to quilt along to enter and win, and what you make from these fabrics is entirely up to you! The contest is open to everyone through next Tuesday at noon.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me which is your favorite quilt along that I’ve offered (or one you’d love for me to do in the future).

Click here to see all of my quilt alongs.

I know we don’t all have time to do every quilt along, but isn’t it fun to dream, or follow along virtually?

Abacus Quilt Along Schedule, Posted Each Wednesday:

  • Week 1 – Fusing & Cutting (September 24)
  • Week 2 – Machine Applique (October 1)
  • Week 3 – Sewing the Top (October 8)
  • Week 4 – Backing and Basting (October 15)
  • Week 5 – Machine Quilting (October 22)
  • Week 6 – Binding to Finish (October 29)
  • Parade of Quilts – November 12

New this year – a parade of quilts! If you finish your quilt by November 10th, email me a picture and I’ll feature it on my blog on November 12th!

Click here for the Abacus Quilt Along supply list.

Start gathering (or winning) your fabrics and I’ll see you next week!

EQP.S. I’ve also made Abacus available as a free EQ7 download. Click here to import it into your Electric Quilt software.

P.P.S. For a bonus entry, please share my Quilt Along logo on your blog, instagram, flickr, facebook, or social media of choice. #abacusqal

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366 thoughts on “Giveaway Featuring Kona Solids and Abacus Quilt Along Schedule

  1. Liz Therrien says:

    Loved, loved, loved the Modern Trees. It was my first quilt a-long, and I must say Thank you for making it so easy on me. The pattern came together very easily and in no time I had a beautiful wall hanging for our new camp! I don’t usually warm to solid fabrics (cause I think they show how bad a machine quilter I really am) but I love this new quilt. I think I would use the fabrics to make the exact same top! (But I confess I would probably send it to someone else to machine quilt so it looks good when it’s done). Thanks for the chance to win and for all your fabulous posts and inspiration!!

  2. Alys says:

    Love the Modern Trees quilt-along. I actually finished it early and used it as a decoration at my quilt guild holiday party last year.

  3. Karen says:

    I won’t let myself do another quilt along until I make my absolute favorite of yours–Modern Trees! But Abacus definitely goes on the to do list!

  4. Allison C says:

    This one for sure! I have had the idea about making an abacus quilt for a while so I’m hoping this will motivate me to finally make it.

  5. frostiest says:

    Charming Chevrons was my favorite. I liked the striking colors. And I really enjoy using Kona fabric. So does my sewing machine actually. Abacus looks fun too!

  6. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I’ve never done a quilt along. I’d like to try one sometimes though. I wouldn’t have a clue as to which one I would like to do.

  7. Teresa G says:

    So many choices – but I really love the Modern Trees quilt along – I did not participate but I do have the pattern ear marked for this years holidays. Thank you for all your quilt alongs – so much fun.

  8. Barbara says:

    I’ve never done a QAL before…usually by the time I figure out what I want to do and how I want to do it it it’s over. But a QAL for Spiraling Out Of Control would be great!

  9. Beth T. says:

    Modern Trees was my favorite. Although I didn’t quilt along, it was great fun seeing the choices everyone made and imagining what I’ll do when I get to this pattern on my “someday” list.

  10. Megan says:

    This is awesome! Thank you to you and R.K. for the chance to win the exact fabrics! You made a really nice selection of colors! I have unfortunately not done a sew-a-long of yours yet and this is my first… and I am very excited! Thanks for the chance!

  11. carol hibbard says:

    my favorite is the jolly jelly roll – the more fabrics the better, a great scrap quilt and pattern to give to the grandnieces and nephews – thanks, Carol

  12. Cheri says:

    Gorgeous colors! I might not make an abacus (don’t like working with circles) but might do a “snowball” block of similar style! Thanks for the giveaway! Although I didn’t actually follow every step …the Chevron quilt you did was an inspiration to me to make a chevron…and I followed a few steps to get the plan down!

  13. Suzette says:

    I liked following along with the modern trees quilt too, although I didn’t participate. It was fun watching each step of the process.

  14. Pamela Wright says:

    I really enjoyed the Charming Chevrons tutorial, but the new Abacus is intriguing. An dI love the color choices: turquoise and blue are my go-to colors!

  15. Barbara says:

    It is a challenge to pick a favorite … after careful consideration I choose “Modern Trees”. Thanks for the opportunity to quilt along.

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