More Quilts From QuiltCon 2015

I can express more in pictures than I can in words, so here are a few more fabulous quilts from QuiltCon:

(Click here for my previous QuiltCon 2015 post)

2014-quilts-of-the-month2014-quilts-of-the-month-2Above, 11 of the 12 modern quilts of the month from 2014 were on display including Modern X, which was my pattern for March. The PDF quilt patterns are available for free to all Modern Quilt Guild members on the community site in the members-only forum.

Optical-IllusionIt was fun to get a picture of myself standing next to Optical Illusion to show the scale of the design. It was fun to see people standing back to get a better look!

AbacusI loved meeting so many of my online friends in person including  Michelle Wilkie, and our quilts got to be “neighbors” in the show! Abacus was my solid quilt and Neighborhood was hers. They both hung in the “small quilts” category.

Cheryl_places_you'll_goI loved this small piece, titled “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by my friend and roommate, Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist designs. It reminds me of the art quilts that Michael James made in the 90’s, way back before I was ready for modern and contemporary designs!

I took so many pictures that I can’t possibly share them all in one post, so I invite you to follow me on instagram (or click here: @christaquilts) to see more! You can also search the hashtag #quiltcon to see thousands more images from the show. It truly was a social media event!

Now I can’t wait for QuiltCon 2016 in California. 🙂


12 thoughts on “More Quilts From QuiltCon 2015

  1. Josée Carrier says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the quilts of the month. It was a great idea to have them all exposed together. Great initiative! I couldn’t be a QuiltCon, but it’s great to see all the quilts exposed through blogs and Flickr. It’s great to see my quilt here. Can I ask you a favor? Would you send me a copy of that picture? BTW, I really LOVE your Optical Illusion quilt. It’s a great picture of you with it.

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Although I love all of these for their color use, design ingenuity, clean lines and quilting expertise, I have finally figured out that quilts like those are just not in my quilting genes!!! Thanks so much for all your photo sharing!!!!!!!

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