It’s Release Day for The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting!

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting ships today and I am so excited!!! When you purchase it from me or Angela Walters you will get an autographed copy with both of our signatures!


All book photography beautifully taken by Brent Kane for Martingale/That Patchwork Place.

I thought it would be fun to share each of the 10 projects from the book, once a week over the next 10 weeks. The concept is simple: Angela and I each made our own versions of the same quilt, with our own choice of fabrics and quilting designs.

I counted, and there are over 50 different machine quilting motifs for you to choose from! Whether you quilt on a sit-down or a domestic, a stand-up long arm, or even if you quilt by check, our book is packed full of machine quilting ideas, plus 10 complete pieced patterns!

Choosing Colors by Christa Watson

My version of Choosing Colors – I love the rainbow colors and textural quilting.

It’s kind of funny, but I was reading through some reviews of my first book recently and one reader said this after going on about how much she loved it, “my only complaint is – I want more patterns and more designs!” Well, that lucky reader’s wish has now been granted with publication of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting!!

Choosing Colors made by Angela Walters

Angela’s version – she used her whole “quilting toolbox” of motifs and added a scrappy binding!

I enjoyed every step of making each of the quilts in the book, and I hope you will, too. Maybe you’ll take an idea from one project and combine it with another to make it your own. As you work through the projects in this book, or even if you apply the quilting motifs to completely different patterns, I’d love to see them! Be sure to share your progress with me in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa or on instagram @christaquilts and #quiltwithchrista

Stay tuned next week when I share the next pair of quilts from the book, or you can skip the wait, and pick up your signed copy of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting right now!

Christa Watson and Angela Walters

Angela and I first met at QuiltCon in 2013. We instantly bonded over Machine Quilting.

Angela and I thank you for your patronage from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of friends like you!!

9 thoughts on “It’s Release Day for The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting!

  1. Lara B. says:

    After reading the e-copy I am super excited to hold the real thing in my hands Christa!
    You and Angela make a wonderful team and your book is going to be a valuable resource in my quilting library! You both should be so proud of what you created!

  2. Paula Hedges says:

    It is so easy to hear your enthusiasm in your post! You both deserve to be excited and I am so happy for you! Nothing better than two people meeting with a shared interest that draws them into a friendship resulting in such great books. Thank you so much for sharing with other quilters!

  3. Paula S, Pike says:

    Christa you are an amazing inspiration. I’m excited to receive my copy of your new book. Thank you and Angela for your incredible talents.

  4. margiestitcher says:

    having bought your first book a few weeks ago I was able to quilt 6 mini quilts and 2 large ones all just about good enough to give as presents before that I had a total block on quilting except by hand, thankypou so much you opened up a very large door for me with the book and will ask for this next one as a birthday present. Have raved about your book on my blog too

  5. Charlotta Norby says:

    Your books and your enthusiasm for machine quilting almost makes me wish I was a machine quilter, LOL! But I’ve long ago decided that I’m better off leaving that part of the process to the professionals! There’s way more for me to do in the piecing than I can ever finish, I have more fabric already than I can ever get pieced up in quilts, and I really love that part of the process. If I were to start learning to machine quilt now, it would just take away valuable time from my piecing, and I don’t even have a desire to learn it, as I much prefer hand work to machine work!
    Nevertheless, I do love your patterns, and might end up piecing some of your quilts, just to have somebody else quilt them. And, I enjoy following your blog. Great photo of you and Angela!

  6. farmquilter says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this book!! With two fabulous quilters working on it, it just has to be fantastic!!!

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