The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Swirling Butterflies Quilt

Each week I’m sharing a different quilt design from my new book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. Now, although I really prefer modern designs, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try something different. This week, meet Swirling Butterflies, a totally doable wholecloth quilt.

Note: all photography credit goes to Brent Kane and Martingale.

Swirling Butterflies Wholecloth Quilt

My version of Swirling Butterflies – just divide and conquer to get the job done!

Although the design looks very complex, it’s easier once you break it down. I only marked the medallion and border. The rest of the background was filled in with what I like to call “improv machine quilting.” For this quilt, I did something I rarely do: used a contrasting Aurifil thread. I tell you, it was scary while I was quilting it, but I’m pleased with the end result.

Detail free-motion_quilting

Detail of free-motion quilting on Swirling Butterflies

I chose to make a black wholecloth version with highly contrasting thread while Angela made her beautiful version more traditional on white fabric with more of a blending thread. Look closely for a few other differences in the details.

Swirling Butterflies Angela Walters

Angela Walters’ version of Swirling Butterflies – isn’t it just stunning?

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Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Swirling Butterflies Quilt

  1. Kristin says:

    This stunning! I am totally thinking about getting your book and blogging my way through the experience. I think this topic resonates with so many quilters and I would love to improve my free-motions skills.

  2. Paula S, Pike says:

    Christa, I love your black and turquoise version, but for some reason the version Angela made really resonates with me. I don’t think I’m experienced enough with machine quilting to do either but they will be on my to-do in the months to cone.

  3. Mary says:

    The copy of The Ultimate Guide…came today, and it’s such fun to read. It’s also very informative, helpful, and beautifully put together. Thank you!

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