The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Plumb Lines

Today I get to share with you my personal favorite quilt pattern from The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Plumb Lines. This quilt was designed by Angela Walters, and I love how modern it is!  Thanks to the beautiful photography by Brent Kane and Martingale, I’m excited to share these quilts with you each week!

Plumb Lines Quilt

Above is my version of Plumb Lines, created in a trendy color scheme of gray and yellow. Both Angela and I used solids for a majority of the quilts in this book, so the machine quilting really shows up. However, I wanted to incorporate a few of Angela’s prints here and there. Below is a detail showing a very subtle yellow plaid, from one of Angela’s earlier fabric lines.

modern machine quilting

This quilt is a great example of modern geometric free motion designs!

Below is Angela’s version of Plumb Lines in a striking combo of teal and peach. We wanted to share as many quilting motifs as possible in our book, to really get your creative juices flowing!

Plumb Lines Quilt

Don’t you just love Angela’s gorgeous filler motifs? They are so fun and easy to do!

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Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting – Plumb Lines

  1. Lara Buccella says:

    Plumb Lines was a favorite for me too Christa. Both of you filled the quilts with so many inspirational quilting patterns that I’ll be pulling the book out repeatedly over the years to look for great ideas!

  2. Paula S, Pike says:

    Christa, it looks incredible. Since Ray is in construction, I can see the features of architecture throughout this wonderful quilt. It will definitely be on my to-do list down the road.

  3. Martha Cook says:

    yes, I do love your machine quilting on that quilt. It so enhances it. for me, I have seen quilts that are overdone with too much machine quilting and that takes away the beauty of the material and design. It is stunning.

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