Get Your Perfectly Imperfect Quilter Tee!

Over two years ago I wrote a short blog post about embracing imperfection and a seed of an idea began to form. What if I could get someone to make T-shirts, letting the world (or at least the quilting community) know that it’s okay to NOT be perfect?? The stars finally aligned and thanks to the folks at Patchwork Threads, you can now get your own Perfectly Imperfect Quilter V-neck shirt.

perfectly imperfect quilter

Click here to get your Perfectly Imperfect Quilter t-shirt.

If you also believe that “Finished is Better Than Perfect” you can also channel your inner Angela Walters with her version:

Finished is Better Than Perfect

Click here to get your Finished is Better Than Perfect t-shirt.

Angela and I debuted our new shirts at Quilt Market recently, while promoting our new book. We got some really positive reactions which was really great. One of the goals for both of us in teaching our passion of machine quilting is for others to realize they can make beautiful things that ARE NOT perfect, and it will be okay! 🙂

Angela Walters and Christa Watson

Each T-shirt comes with this guarantee – your quilting will be better and you’ll feel more at peace with the world, if you wear them while quilting!!

Click here to view all Patchwork Thread V’s – and spice up your wardrobe with some quilty fun!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Perfectly Imperfect Quilter Tee!

  1. Paula S, Pike says:

    I don’t normally wear tee shirts with words or pictures but I had to have this one. I think the little imperfections just add character to the quilt.

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