A Splendid Celebration!

Are you following along with The Splendid Sampler? If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the most epic, “sew-lebrity” filled sew along (of all time), consisting of 100+ free block patterns, designed by 83 pattern designers, shared twice week, for an entire year!!!



Just a few of the 80+ Splendid Sampler designers at Spring Quilt Market 2016.

For those of you making blocks either physically with the group (or virtually in your head), the 50th block releases this week! Isn’t that exciting?? Although I’m not going to spoil tomorrow’s surprise, the designer of block #50 is Joanna Figueroa of Figtree Quilts. I’ve seen the block, and let me tell you – it is Splendid!!


My Splendid Block

You may recall my block, Scrappy Happy Heart, below, which was released back in May. Click here to learn more about my block! It’s been exciting watching so many people making my paper pieced block design and sharing their work. The biggest comment I’ve seen on Instagram (#scrappyhappyheart) and in the Splendid Sampler Facebook group is that my block is the perfect block for those who have never paper-pieced before and want to try out an easy block. That warms my heart!!


My Scrappy Happy Heart Block

To celebrate The Splendid Sampler halfway point, hosts Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are teaming up with many of the Splendid Sampler designers with bonus blocks, fun giveaways, free patterns, and maybe even a little “behind the scenes” of the project.

Click here to see the complete blog hop celebration schedule!

Free Pattern for Splendid Friends

For anyone new to my blog, I invite you to get this free PDF quilt pattern of my Puzzle Box design just for stopping by and signing up for my email newsletter.

Click here to get the free pattern.

But wait…. there’s more!!

Puzzle Box Pattern

Book Giveaway for Splendid quilters

I’m also giving away a copy of the brand new collaboration book, 180 Doodle Quilting Designs. This book was compiled by Martingale/That Patchwork Place, the same folks who will be publishing The Splendid Sampler book once the blocks are all complete! (They have also published both of my quilting books, so I might just be a little bit biased!!)


180 Doodle Quilting features designs from several talented friends, including Splendid Sampler designers Melissa Corry, April Rosenthal, and yours truly! Perhaps this book will help you decide how you want to quilt your blocks when they are all finished!

For your chance to win, just leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve ever participated in a block of the month/week/day type program before. If so, tell me what you loved about it!

This contest is open to everyone worldwide. I’ll pick one US winner who will win a physical copy signed by me, and one international winner who will receive an e-copy.

The contest will close Aug 15th and I’ll ship it to you by the end of the month. Thanks for stopping by!!

501 thoughts on “A Splendid Celebration!

  1. Sara says:

    Hi, I hope I’m still in time for a chance to win. The Splendid Sampler is my first quilt along, and I’m loving it. I like being challenged to try new thing and learning new techniques.

  2. Carol Osborne says:

    I just found your splendid heart blo ck. I love it and different looks with different colors. Know I havevalot to catch up but I can’t wait. School is starting soon so no more disturbances. Thanks very much!

  3. Heather Anne says:

    I’m new to the BOTM idea. I made two quilts, years ago. My first was hand sewn as a teen, the other a play quilt for my then newborn niece.
    Quilting is now my physical therapy. I’m disabled and 90% bedridden (MS, Lupus & arthritis). I started sewing & quilting again to challenge myself to sit up more & for longer periods. It’s helping already. Who knew sewing could heal.

  4. ninmah says:

    I joined a BOM once before because I adored the design, but I knew when I joined that I wouldn’t be keeping up, since I’d just had a baby! I collected all the kits (it included fabrics and patterns) and I’m now working my way through them 15 years later. The Splendid Sanpler is the first one I’ve done as it is released and I love doing a little bit each week! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. Donna Pfost says:

    Hi!! I am registered for my first BOM starting in September!! I can hardly wait — it looks like such fun!! 🙂

  6. Donna Pfost says:

    Hi!! I am registered for my first BOM starting in September!! I am so excited to do this…it looks like such fun!!

  7. Barbara says:

    I participated in a block of the month club at my LQS as my introduction to quilting. The Splendid Sampler is the first online one that I’ve done. I wasn’t sure I’d like it I love it!!

  8. Kathy says:

    This is the first time I have participated in a block of the month. I have been quilting for awhile and this project has challenged me with serveral techniques.

  9. Laurie Aswegan says:

    yes I have ordered BOM of the month, I am still working on the two. one is a cival war quilt and the other is a Baltimore Christmas applique. they are both going to be beautiful when they are completed. someday.
    I love the Quilt Along, thank you to all

  10. annette says:

    I’ve been quilting since 1999 and I have done about 7 years of blocks of the month. I loved going to the shop and getting together and seeing everybodies blocks and the demo for next months. That quilt shop closed several years ago and new quilt shop is not doing any classes at all. Thanks for a chance to win.

    annette parsons

  11. Karen says:

    This is my first QAL. I like seeing other people’s fabric choices…it helps me be more clear in what I want my blocks/quilt to look like.

  12. Peggy M says:

    I’ve never participated in a “block of the month”. I study them and always wanted to, so this splendid sampler is very cool although a little overwhelming. Thank you.

  13. Carol Rice says:

    I have done a couple of Pat Sloan’s Free Quilt of the Month quilts and I love them. It’s always exciting to see what the next block will be.

  14. Phyllis Davis says:

    I have collected patterns for quilt-alongs but haven’t completed one yet. Congrats on the new book. It looks amazing and who doesn’t need inspiration!

  15. Carmen Jerez says:

    I first started quilting with a BOM class on Craftsy. I loved it!! I live in Spain so I looked around and found a local class and now go every Thursday where I have made some great friends. This is my first mystery sew-along and I so look forward to receiving the different patterns twice a week.

  16. Rachell Reilly says:

    This looks like you’ve scored another great collaboration-book! I’d love to have this book in my library.
    I have participated in a few quilt alongs and a few block of the months: mostly online ones.

  17. June Lohoff says:

    A few years ago I joined a block of the month workshop course at a quilt shop here in Northern Ireland. It was fun to meet each month and see everyone’s progress though with a lot of both piecing and embroidery in every block it was hard to keep up and mine is still not quite finished but I love what I have done so far.

  18. Donna Baker says:

    my quilty road is paved with good intentions but no I haven’t participated in a block program although I have dreams of doing so. I have been enjoying the splendid sampler one I see on line all the time!

  19. Diane says:

    I have not done a block of the month yet although it looks like a lot of fun so one of these days I’ll join in. Thanks!

  20. Linda Jones says:

    My very first quilt in 1996 was a BOM. Since then I have participated in approximately 2 dozen BOM’s. Not sure why I love them but I do.

  21. Margie says:

    I have participated in several BOM programs. A couple years ago I was doing four at the same time. They are not finished and I am way behind. I like doing BOM programs but get to far behind and it’s frustrating. I really like getting the fabric for them each month but right now cant afford them

  22. quilting538 says:

    This is the first time I have participated in a Bom.Loving all of the help avaiable to guide you when needed, A bonus was that it was free so that I could participate to see if I liked it

  23. Melissa S says:

    I’ve participated in several blocks of the month. I like having the whole month to finish a block, as I do a lot of hand piecing.

  24. Sandi says:

    I am participating in Pat Sloan’s My Garden Party BOM and I kept up to date until July. I need to get back to it. I have participated in others but always get behind.

  25. Thunder says:

    I have participated in a number of BOM’s on line, I enjoy the structure / routine. Keeps me on track, and keeps me in good company. I have no one close by that quilts, I enjoy the camaraderie.

  26. Casey C. says:

    I signed up for my first BOM while on vacation in Wisconsin! I completed each block when it came in the mail. I love that quilt!

  27. lori says:

    The Farmer’s Wife Quilt with Angie-GnomeAngel and Splendid Sampler are my first online sew along’s. I am also doing a Moda Bakeshop Bee-Utiful Quilt-A-Long with Pamela Morgan. I really love the Splendid Sampler as it is well organized, a huge variety of techniques, lots of tutorials, you get to know each designer a little better and its just cheerful & fun! I also love the Moda Bake Shop with Pamela-such a cute pattern and she has very helpful tutorials and her creativity is sooo much fun.

  28. Jennifer Newman says:

    I have done BOM club before. I love the support you get in the group and looking at everyone’s different personality coming out in the blocks.

  29. Regina Harris says:

    I have not participated in an online sampler block but this has definitely caught my interest — particularly since excellent instructions are provided.

  30. Corinne says:

    Yes, I like sew-alongs, and have participated in a few. It’s a great way to learn and practice different techniques, and see others’ work.

  31. Pamela Reim says:

    I have several I have gotten patterns for and collected my materials but haven’t yet started. obviously i’m not good with someone elses schedule!

  32. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I just saw your book at the store and put it on my must have list. I have done several block of the month clubs at my local store. Goodness I am not so good at getting the blocks done but enjoy the trip to the store each month. I have a ton of quilts started. but not finished.

  33. Pati says:

    This is my first QAL and I am loving it! I am new to quilting- the Splendid is perfect, I am learning new techniques & have access to others creativity, fabrics etc! It is also a very positive group of people! Thank you for your block, it was fun!!

  34. Sandra Dale says:

    This is my first, however I have since signed up to another three since the Splendid Sampler started. It is challenging but much needed therapy for me. Brisbane Australia

  35. Emily says:

    My first block of the anything is the Splendid Sampler! I’m behind, but won’t cave! I’m loving all the techniques and doing certain types of stitching (embroidery) that I haven’t done in years. I’d forgotten how much I LOVE all types of sewing! The SS is something that I’m doing with my Mom by internet. We may “groan” at how challenging some blocks are, but we encourage each other through. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  36. Audrey Johnson says:

    No I have never done any type of by the month or week projects before. The Splendid Sampler is my first real challenge. I like it! Thanks for doing it with us and I love your Block!

  37. Fiona says:

    I did enjoy your block… very pretty. I have done sewalongs before and I love the motivation of sewing with others and seeing the same thing in different colourways…

  38. Linda Dirksen says:

    My husband and I did a block of the month together at a local quilting shop. He chose one color theme, I chose another. He had never sewed, but did a great job. In the end we combined our blocks into a beautiful quilt. I’m doing this one on my own. Ha in never tried paper piecing, I watched a few UTube videos and then tried your heart! Fell in love with paper piecing. It is precise and easier. Thank you so much!

  39. Amanda G says:

    I’ve done a block of the month before. I loved that it encouraged me to work on things I didn’t think I could do. Also, the one I did was at a quilt shop and as long as we finished it on time, you got the next block free. This was great incentive to finish it in the month. (I usually did it the night before).

  40. LeAnn Paton says:

    I’ve done several block of the month thru my local quilt shop. Always enjoy seeing everyone’s fabric choices. This is the 1st time I’ve done an online & I love seeing everyone’s blocks.

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