Featured Designer and Positive Direction Pattern in Modern Quilts Unlimited

The Summer 2016 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited goes on sale today and I’m pleased as punch to have two features in it.


First of all, I’m the profiled designer. If you are like me, you may enjoy quilting magazines for the articles as much as you like the unique patterns. Well, imagine my surprise when they asked to interview me for this issue. I was so impressed with Linda Griepentrog who wrote the article. After a nice phone chat, she was able to take my often long answers and rambling thoughts about quilting, and distill them into a concise well-written article. (I always joke around with my workshop students that they get to see me live and unedited when they learn from me in person, LOL!)


When Modern Quilts Unlimited asked to include me in the issue, they also invited me to submit a pattern to go along with it. (In case you were wondering, I got paid for the pattern, and the freelance writer gets paid for her feature article). This was just perfect because I had playing around with a patriotic plus design for awhile, and creating it for the issue was the perfect excuse to make the quilt, which I named Positive Direction.

Postiive Direction Magzine Image

Positive Direction in the Summer 2016 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited

I’ve always wanted to make a modern patriotic quilt since I’m not as much of a fan as traditional Americana decor. I think adding the aqua and grey punched it up a bit and of course I had to quilt it to death like I usually do. I used Wool batting to give it some loft which really allows the machine quilting to pop!

I designed the quilt in EQ7, like I do all of my quilts and I just love being able to see what the quilt is going to look like before I make it!


My Positive Direction EQ7 sketch – I get all the thinking done before I start sewing!

Update: The PDF pattern is available for purchase in my Craftsy Shop!




10 thoughts on “Featured Designer and Positive Direction Pattern in Modern Quilts Unlimited

  1. De says:

    Is there a kit for this great kit, or can the pattern be bought separate, there is a lot of great collections, could you share the gray print that was used, thanks

  2. Diana @ Red Delicious Life says:

    Beautiful quilt. I really like how you laid out the colored plus blocks to form the subtle direction >>. I didn’t see it on the photographed quilt but it’s very obvious in the EQ7 rendering and is what I like about the pattern.

  3. Charlotta Norby says:

    Love the quilt! I just got the magazine in the mail, but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. In fact, I’m leaving on a long trip next week, and will probably take it along. Love paging through quilt magazines on the long airplane ride.

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