QuiltCon Article from NQA

I love being a cheerleader for modern quilting. When I stumbled upon the style in 2012 and attended the first QuiltCon in 2013, it really changed the course of my quilting career in so many positive ways. I was able to meet people making art that really resonated with me and I was able to find my voice within the larger quilting community.

Back in 2014-2015 I wrote a regular column about machine quilting for the National Quilting Association, which sadly, went defunct at the end of last year. During my time writing for them, I was also able to co-author an article about QuiltCon with Jacquie Gering for NQA’s magazine, The Quilting Quarterly.  Because I’ve grown my readership quite a bit since that time, I wanted to republish this article so that any of you who missed it the first time around get a chance to read it. This is especially important for those of you who may not have yet attended QuiltCon, or might be going for the first time in 2017. It will give you a better idea of what to expect when you go. I’m re-sharing it here with Jacquie’s permission as well as the former editor of NQA magazine. Enjoy!

QuiltCon Article page 1

QuiltCon Article page 2

QuiltCon Article page 3

QuiltCon Article page 4

One thought on “QuiltCon Article from NQA

  1. Charlotta Norby says:

    I have always loved Kathy York’s green quilt which is pictured with your article, and I would love to make a quilt like that myself one day. Of course, if I were live long enough to make all the quilts I’d like to make . . . I won’t even go there!
    Just today, though, I received in the mail my order from Amazon, your book, Machine Quilting with Style – not because I’m going to take up machine quilting, but because I hope to make some of the beautiful,quilts in there, or something like them.
    So many quilts, so little time, and such poor time management!

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