Machine Quilting with Style: Candy Pop Re-imagined

Candy Pop is the 9th (out of 12) quilt patterned in my book Machine Quilting with Style. I was so happy to include a machine applique design. Truth be told, I really, really like machine applique and would love to one day do a book of modern machine applique designs. The problem? I can’t draw very well. But I can create easy geometric shapes like circles!


Candy Pop 45″ x 45″ by Christa Watson. Photography by Brent Kane for Martingale.

If you cut carefully while making this design, you’ll have several pieces leftover that you can throw on the back. I love making artful pieced backings whenever I can!


I love it when you can see the machine quilting on the back of the quilt!

Not only does Machine Quilting with Style include 12 beautiful modern quilt patterns. It also includes step by step instructions on how to quilt them. I think it is so important to show all aspects of making a quilt, from start to finish!

Candy Pop Re-imagined

I think I could recolor every design I’ve ever made into black and white and be a happy camper! For some reason, this version of candy pop reminds me of Chinese lanterns:


Candy Pop, recolored in black, white and red using EQ7 software.

View the Rest of the Quilts

Click here to see the rest of the quilts from the book, along with more optional colorways made by my friends!

Machine Quilting With Style

Click here to get your signed copy of Machine Quilting with Style.

Giveaway Time!

First congratulations to Sherry C. and Laura M. for winning some Hoffman Batik fat quarters.
This week, I’m giving away a 4 pack of my individual quilt patterns. These are written in the same helpful style as the patterns in my books, and they also include machine quilting suggestions!


Christa Quilts Patterns are available in print or PDF.

I’ll choose 2 winners: one person in the US will receive a printed version of each pattern, and one international winner will receive PDF’s of all 4 quilts patterns. To enter, leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to quilt your quilts – by hand, sit-down machine, long-arm machine, or even by check!

No matter how you finish, I’d love for you to share your quilting progress with me in my Facebook group: Quilt with Christa.

**I have to give a huge thanks to those of you who continue to support me and my family by purchasing my products. This post contains affiliate links. XOXO**


125 thoughts on “Machine Quilting with Style: Candy Pop Re-imagined

  1. lewisnancy54 says:

    I am learning to love hand quilting. I challenged myself to learn this art, since I had a quilt top made by my grandmother for me as a wedding quilt, that was 40 years old. It had been stored all those years, just waiting to be quilted. I didn’t want it to be long armed quilted, since it was all hand cut and pieced. I finally got good enough to finish it, and it is now one of my prized possessions.

  2. Kathy E. says:

    Except for my very first quilt (which was yarn-tied), I have quilted all of my projects on my sit-down domestic sewing machine. I’d love to, at some point, go to a shop and use their long-arm machine to do the work myself. Someday…

  3. margiestitcher says:

    I struggle wwith the quilting process but since I got your book I am doing some on the machine and es the smaller ones have been successful, I have a bernina 1260 but would love a larger macine with a bigger neck and a stitch control so all stitches come out the same size whatever you do, in my dreams. Hand quilting though I find so relaxing.

  4. Deb m says:

    I have quilted large quilts by check. I have experimented with walking foot or IDT However, I free motion on a domestic machine mostly.

  5. Suzy says:

    I started out over 30+ years ago learning hand quilting… I never thought i’d ever quilt any other way… NOW i have a Janome 8900 and each project is better than last.. and is the only way i’ll quilt for now.

  6. Mary Hawthorne says:

    I find time flies by so quickly when I am quilting on my home sewing machine, even as I attempt to learn free motion. Your books and articles have been very helpful.

  7. Becki says:

    I machine quilt on my domestic machine, which is a Husqvarna Mega Quilter. I’ve been free motion quilting for almost 11 years, and I’m learning ruler work. I love to be able to say I made it all from piecing to binding! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I do all my quilting on my Janome. I wish I had one with a larger throat but after I get the middle done it’s always uphill and I do enjoy it. I do FMQ in my favorite loop and swirls and use stencils and FMQ in the borders. I love using the even feed foot for crosshatching and straight line quilting.

  9. Kath S says:

    I love to do hand quilting, it’s such a satisfying feeling even though it takes a long time to finish a large quilt. For quilt gifting, I quilt by check so it gets done beautifully .. this century.

  10. Diane says:

    I have paid to have quilting done on quilts. I am doing straight line quilting with the walking foot for the first time after encouragement from friends. Have enjoyed it!

  11. Nancy Ridder says:

    I use my domestic machine. Just got a new one with a deep throat and am loving it. I enjoy seeing your variations of the various patterns.

  12. LynneP says:

    I quilt mostly by check although smaller and simpler quilts (walking foot/straight lines etc) I will do on my domestic machine. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Laura says:

    I use my pfaff with it’s IDT to quilt smaller projects, usually using the foot, not FMQ. I am progressing slowly with this. Larger quilts are sent off to be quilted by the various talented long arm quilters in my area.

  14. Rita says:

    I quilt on a domestic machine with a walking foot. My goal is to someday be able to free-motion quilt but I can see that is a long time off from here.

  15. Jan Jess says:

    Smaller quilts I do myself and thank Christa for her free-motion inspiration, support and can-do attitude..
    Larger quilts I send out to a fabulous long-arm quilter ( not that she has long arms, just fantastic skills).

  16. Cheryl McIntyre says:

    Some quilts call out to be hand quilted, and I am trying to improve my stitching technique. I do quilt most with my regular machine and walking foot, and I love the look of circles

  17. Susan Spiers says:

    Right now -as I’m just a beginner-I have done some straight line quilting on my sit down machine. Hoping to branch out into free motion with more practice! Thank you, Susan

  18. Jacqueline VH says:

    Hiya Christa!
    I just love your informative blog posts on machine quilting on a home machine. That’s how I do my quilts, though I have been known to hand-quilt small projects.
    I really need to put your book on my Christmas list.
    Love your patterns too…especially keen to work on your Logs pattern…IF I win it…LOL!
    Thanks & Quilty Huggs!
    PS: Canada mailing addy.

  19. Sharleen Rainville says:

    I have a long arm, so my preferred method is to use my expensive investment. However, for smaller projects I am growing in my confidence using my domestic machine.

  20. Paula Hedges says:

    How something gets quilted depends on size. Large quilts are quilted on my longarm; smaller quilts I do on my mid-arm; wall hangings, table runners, anything easily maneuvered I do on my Bernina.

  21. capmapblog says:

    I love to sit at my Bernina and quilt. The walking foot is my best friend, but I also do free motion on smaller projects. Love the precut store as cutting fabric exacerbates my asthma.

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