Quilts from my Craftsy Class, and Your Chance to Win it Before You Can Buy it!

My Craftsy class, The Quilter’s Path: Plan It, Stitch It, Quilt It is scheduled to launch next week!! Whoo hoo!! It’s all about showing you how to quilt some of my favorite motifs using your walking foot, free motion, or both. To celebrate, one of you lucky readers will get a chance to win it before you can buy it. πŸ™‚

Update: Congrats to winner Linda B! The class is now live and available for purchase!

Click here to save 50% off The Quilter’s Path through April 4, 2017


Win My Class!

To enter, first click here to sign in or register for a free Craftsy account (if you don’t have one yet). Then leave me a comment letting me know if you’ve ever taken a Craftsy class before.

If you are a regular Craftsy user, I’d also love to know what you love best about the class platform. As for me, I love being able to interact 24/7 via the Q&A sidebar in each class. πŸ™‚

The giveaway will be open to all and will run through the end of the week. I’ll draw a random winner on Saturday and will contact them via email.

Pinwheel Quilts from Class

I used Craftsy’s Boundless precut strips in three different color schemes to make the 3 full-sized pinwheel quilts shown in class. With careful cutting you can actually make 2 quilts from each set, or make one larger version. The free pattern will be included exclusively as part of the class.

Here’s closeup shots of each of the pinwheel quilts I share in class:


The Navy/30’s Pinwheels (with walking foot quilting) was made from 30’s prints and navy solids. I actually show two versions of this quilt in class, the finished red/white/blue version shown above, plus the pastel version shown below. I separated the precut 2 1/2″ strips into two color schemes to make both quilts. I used a contrasting thread on the pastel version that I actually quilt on during class, so you can see what I’m doing.


Click here to purchase Boundless 1930’s Delights 2 1/2″ precut strips.
Click here to purchase Boundless Solids Navy 2 1/2″ precut strips.

For the Pink/White pinwheels, I free-motion quilted a fun and easy edge to edge design that gives the quilt lots of texture. This is a fast way to finish that looks amazing on your quilt!

During class, I teach many more quilting motifs than shown in these three samples, but I still quilt them on real blocks so you can see how the designs will look before you commit to a full quilt. For the pink/white version I used some of the leftover solid pink strips to make a scrappy binding. I think it adds such a fun look to a quilt!


Click here to purchase Boundless Solids Tickled Pink 2 1/2″ precut strips.
Click here to purchase Boundless Solids Bright White 2 1/2″ precut strips.

For the grand finale, I show how to combine both walking foot and free-motion techniques to create a truly custom look with your quilt, as shown in the Teal/Gray Pinwheels quilt.


There’s plenty of leftover pieces in each bundle that you can use to whip up sample blocks to practice on like I did. It always amazes me how different a quilt can look, once it’s quilted!


Click here to purchase Boundless Blenders Aura Coastal Escape 2 1/2″ precut strips.
Click here to purchase Boundless Solids Nickel 2 1/2″ precut strips.

In class, I also share several of my other finished quilts for inspiration, explaining how I apply the quilting to each of these quilts. My goal is for you to not only learn the designs, but feel comfortable quilting them on any quilt. Once the class launches, I’ll be back with a detailed class summary, along with an exclusive discount available only from me. I can’t wait!!


260 thoughts on “Quilts from my Craftsy Class, and Your Chance to Win it Before You Can Buy it!

  1. Rhonda H. says:

    I have several patterns from Craftsy and used Craftsy tutorials, but I haven’t take a full class yet. Even if I don’t win this class, I will be buying it as I would love to do more/get better at FMQ on my home machine!

  2. Bobbie says:

    I’ve taken several Craftsy classes. I like being able to stop and repeat a section, ask questions of the instructor, learn about new subjects for a reasonable price.

  3. Tina Jeo says:

    I have bought a few Craftsy classes. I enjoy the ones with clear instructions and new techniques. I like being able to bookmark parts I want to review. I love Kimberly Eino. She is so clear to understand and nice to listen to. I would love to win your class. Thank you for the chance!

  4. Karen Seitz says:

    I have purchased several Craftsy classes, but I have not taken one from beginning to end. I like to view the pieces and parts that I need when I want. It’s always accessible.

  5. Tiffany says:

    What’s not to love about Craftsy? I especially love that I can watch whenever I have time, and that the classes are available to me forever to look back on.
    My favorite class so far has been Ann Peterson’s “Quilting Big Quilts on a Small Machine.”
    I’m loving the idea behind your class. Genius.

  6. Karen Brauer says:

    I love the Craftsy classes. I’ve taken ones by Amy Gibson, a friend of mine, and also a great teacher. I think you’ve done a great job expanding your business into teaching, writing and blogging. I’ve followed you for many years.

  7. Barbara Orozco says:

    I have taken several Craftsy classes and I love that I can watch the classes again and again, whenever I feel the need to see a specific section of a video again. I haven’t watched your classes yet, though.
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Kathy Porter-Cunningham says:

    I have not yet taken a crafty class. I am retiring in the middle of January and looking forward to much more time to spend quilting though.

  9. BelindaD says:

    I have many Craftsy classes and enjoy the stop the video and think of what’s being said then resume. Also since eI use an iPad I love pinch and zoom!

  10. Diane M says:

    I’ve taken lots of Craftsy classes. I love that I can watch anytime and over and over and over again. I also like having access to the instructions. Congrats on your class. Looking forward to it.

    • Dorie E says:

      I love Craftsy! I especially enjoy that they are my keeper of my projects I’ve purchased or taken advantage of the free patterns!

  11. Judy Sturm says:

    I love Craftsy and have already bought a lot of classes. Most I use as a resource, but as soon as I get my new laptop, I will be able to use the resources better. Current laptop is terminally ill and doesn’t stream anything well, so my Craftsy classes are incredibly slow and jerky. The instructers have been wonderful, however, and I have not yet found a bad one. Next week I expect to spring for a new MacBook, and then I can go on a tear! Beginning in January I should have a lot more time for quilts and classes! Yeah! So glad to hear you are teaching. Hope everything goes very well for you!

  12. Roxann Burns says:

    I’ll admit I’m a Craftsy addict. I’ve got…umhm…a lot quilting class. We call them quilt porn in my house. My favorite things about the platform:
    The instructors are 95% awesome and the rest are ok. A great classroom instructor might not present as well in this format…sometimes I speed up to help them speak faster. Only one out of…a lot I thought was totally unacceptable.
    Video quality is the best. If you’ve been on YouTube this will blow you away.
    I can watch them anywhere anytime and over and over. I speed a fair amount of time traveling so it’s great I can download to my tablet and don’t have to steam data
    I love the interaction with instructors and other students have seen some amazing things
    I’ve got back into crochet and garment sewing,learned how make clothes with my serger and not just how to thread it, use knives properly and my new pressure cooker. I hope you’re not sorry you ask but my flight is delayed

  13. Marcia Horan says:

    I’ve taken the Jacquie Gering’s Creating Walking Foot quilting class. The classes are very user-friendly. Christa, I am inspired by your work.

  14. Leanne Parsons says:

    I love Craftsy classes! I really love being able to watch them at my own pace and go back to them when I need to. It’s thanks to Angela Walters and Craftsy that I can free motion quilt πŸ™‚

  15. Linda S says:

    I have taken several Craftsy classes. I love that I can access classes when I have time and at the pace I want without feeling pressured to watch all at once or on a set schedule. Thanks for the chance!! Sounds like a good class, looking forward to it.

  16. Nannett says:

    I have taken several Craftsy classes myself. I love the ability to refer back anytime I need to. If I feel I missed something I can hit the backup button to repeat a particular lesson within the class. The class is always there when I need it. I love taking your classes in person, but taking your class online would help with my busy schedule.

  17. Dawn says:

    I have taken Jackie Ghering’s classes on using the walking foot to quilt. I have used several of her techniques on quilts I’ve made. I practive free-motion but I have only quilted free motion loops on a wallhanging. I’m looking forward to your Craftsy class (free or not)!

  18. Kati R. says:

    I love the craftsy platform as I can watch the classes at my convenience. Also, the closest store is and hour away, and they only offer limited classes which I took already. I love the diversity of the Craftay classes, and I tried out a lot if new thinga. Thank you for the opportunity to win your class, I will take it regardless πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  19. Beth Byerssmall says:

    Thanks, Christa, I taken several Craftsy classes I like that a variety of classes are available at anytime it is convenient for me.

  20. Carolyn says:

    I love taking the Craftsy classes as I can ask questions and receive an answer within hours. Also seeing others’ answered questions that I hadn’t thought of. I’m sure your class is going to be fantastic as I love seeing your work.

  21. Lee says:

    I’ve purchased several crafty classes, just haven’t taken the time to watch much. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution!

  22. Elena says:

    I have taken classes through Craftsy. I love that I can learn at my own pace–with rewind capability–and on my own schedule. I’m looking forward to your new class!

  23. Helen LeBrett says:

    I’ve taken about 7 classes from Craftsy and will take more in the future: I love being able to listen to a class at my convenience.

  24. Dannell Morgan says:

    I have used dozens of Craftsy classes. I love being able to rewind and repeat parts of the class. I’m looking forward to your class. I have been wanting to enroll in Vegas in one of your classes, but living in Lake Havasu makes it a long drive!

  25. 2 says:

    I’ve taken a lot of Craftsy classes, I’m a bit addicted! I’m in Australia and a busy Mum of 2 who also works full time. I love that I have access to teachers from around the world and can take the classes bit by bit whenever I can find the time, knowing the class will never expire and the instructors will always be there to answer my questions when I finally find the time to try it out for myself.
    Can’t wait to see your class!

  26. ALEXA LITTLE says:

    I have downloaded a number of patterns and free tutorials but I am yet to take a class with Craftsy and would love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  27. Janice King says:

    I have taken the BOM classes from Craftsy. It is really nice, being able to watch them repeatedly until you understand the ideas. As I am a visual learner, watching someone actually sew or quilt, while explaining “how to”, is a great benefit!!

  28. Lana Dougherty says:

    I’ve bought several Craftsy classes but have not yet taken the time to complete any one of them. I just like knowing that they are there when I have the time to watch them. If I don’t win your class, I know it’s one I’ll be buying in the future. Thanks for offering it!

  29. Denise says:

    My favorite part of the Craftsy platform is that I can take my own personal notes time stamped to the lesson. I love Craftsy classes.

  30. Roz Agulnik says:

    I have never taken a Craftsy class. Many of my friends have and they love the format and the fact that you can go back to it at any time. Thanks for this opportunity and I hope that I am the lucky winner! Happy holidays

  31. Maeve B. says:

    I have already signed up for many Craftsy classes. They are really thorough and well done. I’d love to win your class, Christa!

  32. Paula says:

    While I’ve ordered things from Craftsy before, I’ve never taken a class. I’d love for yours to be the first. I’ve admired your work for several years. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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