EQ8 Has Now Been Released and You can Win a Copy!

Have you heard the great news? After years of patiently waiting, a new version of Electric Quilt software was released, just in time for Christmas! I’m sure you are all busy with your holiday shopping so here’s a fabulous gift you could win for yourself!!

Electric Quilt 8

Click here to learn more about EQ8!

Meet EQ8, with an updated interface, new features, and the same great capabilities you’ve come to know!

I have to share a fun behind the scenes story. Back in 2016 when I met the owners Dean and Penny for the first time while teaching at EQ Academy, I was impressed not only with their business sense, but it was heartwarming to see how much they cared about their customers. I asked if they would be releasing an updated version of the software since the previous version, EQ7 had been launched way back in 2010.


Even those these images say “coming soon” they are actually here now!!!

Dean’s answer really impressed me. He told me that he’d only release a new version if there was a market need for it. He said he didn’t want to follow in the footsteps the big software companies who release new versions year after year just so they could gouge their customers. He wanted to make sure that any new product the company created had enough value to justify the cost.

Click here for the EQ8 FAQ.

I love how thoughtful they were with releasing this software. Those who already own EQ6 or EQ7 can upgrade to the version at a lower cost, and those who haven’t ever owned it before can easily purchase and download it online without having to wait for anything to arrive in the mail.


This is my favorite thing about EQ8!

I’ve recently installed my version of EQ8 and just started designing new projects for upcoming patterns and online classes. So far it’s even easier to use than EQ7 and the interface is much more intuitive.

EQ8Once you start using this software, it will be hard to design without it!

Your Chance to Win!

My friends over at Electric Quilt are generously giving away a copy of EQ8. It comes both in PC and Mac versions and both version also include a comprehensive help manual already installed in the software.

This giveaway is open through the end of the month, November 30, 2017 and is open to all. Simply leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose one at random and notify the winner via email.


393 thoughts on “EQ8 Has Now Been Released and You can Win a Copy!

  1. Deb Spharler says:

    Given the features and other details I have read about EQ8, it looks like a great software that I would enjoy using. I would enjoy having that opportunity and keep my fingers and toes crossed for a win. Thanks for promoting this! Way to go, christa!

  2. Debby Daniels says:

    I have been trying to decide if I want to ask my husband to give me this for Christmas. Then I see this give away on your website…… karma!!!!

  3. Sharon Mann says:

    What a wonderful giveaway, and just in time for Christmas! There is probably a big learning curve from graph paper to EQ8, but I’d sure like to learn. Thank you!

  4. Dawn Jeffs says:

    Wow this software sounds fantastic especially if you can upload fabrics to visually see how your designs would look ! I’d love to win a copy, but if not I’ll be looking into getting a copy. Thanks Christa.

  5. Alexa Little says:

    This would be good to use to design a quilt using fabric in my stash. I may be able to “reverse engineer” it to enter the yardage I have of some fabrics and get a design in which it could be used.

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