Home Update – My Dream Sewing Room!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a home update because I’ve been working on some other behind the scenes quilting projects (new fabric, new patterns, new book, etc…) But I was able to catch my breath this weekend, get organized and take a few pics of my new sewing studio. It’s not completely finished as it still needs a few quilts on the walls for decoration, but it’s fully functional and is the dream space I’ve always wanted.  So let’s take a virtual tour, shall we?

My Ikea Cabinets!!

Christa Quilts Sewing Room

The cabinets are from the Ikea kitchen department.
The floor is laminate from a local flooring center.

The most important part of my space is storage. I am definitely not a pack rack, but I still prefer to keep my messes behind closed doors so that the rest of the space appears nice and tidy. I was thrilled to be able to get wall-to-wall cabinets installed at a price that didn’t break my budget. I used Ikea’s kitchen services to plan and purchase stock cabinets in various sizes to fit the space. I was able to customize them with snazzy door fronts and handles, and I spent hours upon hours figuring out the right configuration of shelves, bins and drawers to hold everything I needed.

Here’s What’s Inside:

Christa Watson Sewing room

Starting on the far right of the tall cabinets, I knew it would be super important to keep a step ladder to reach the upper cabinets. I was thrilled that they were able to install the cabinets so that the one “permanent” shelf was above the door line in this cabinet. This allows the space under the shelf to be long enough for my ironing board and big board to fit. Inside the rest of the unit is a combination of shelves at different heights, with plenty of storage drawers and bins.

Christa's sewing room thread storage

I keep my thread and other supplies in hidden pull out drawers that I could customize for height. This area works perfect to store all of my thread. The cabinets are 24″ deep so I wanted to ensure I could maximize the space and reach everything. It took a quite awhile for me to come up with the right configuration, but I’m pleased with the results.

Fabric Storage in Christa's Sewing Room

The center section is for fabric storage and quilts in progress. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of empty space which means I have plenty of room for growth! I honestly don’t keep a lot of UFO’s and I recently gave away a lot of my stash that I realized I simply don’t use. Because the cabinets are so deep, I found thin cardboard sheets that I could cut in half to measure 9″ x 22″.

Fabric Storage

It took me many hours to refold all of my fabric onto thin pieces of cardboard.

These thin “bolts” are basically twice the length of the popular comic book boards that many quilters use for stash storage. I’ve kept about 5 yards of every fabric I’ve designed for my own personal stash and it’s exciting to watch it grow!

Christa's Sewing Room

I’ve organized my scraps into smaller bins by color, which is how I’ll most likely use them. The other drawers hold other misc. stuff so that everything has a place to go!

Ruler Storage

This is one of my favorite drawers – I configured it so that there was enough room to hold my biggest rulers standing straight up. They are held in place by several wooden ruler racks that line the bottom of the drawer. They key is to maximize every inch of this space!!

Christa's sewing studio

The very left cabinets hold fat quarter bundles and kits for sale along with my patterns and books for sale. I even wanted the trash tucked away behind closed doors so that the entire space stays tidy. To the left is the hallway and a half-wall that leads to the downstairs on the other side. My husband’s office is the open door on the left and the 2 kids’ rooms are to the right, (not shown) behind my sewing room.

I’m happy to still  have a pony wall to drape  large pieces of fabric that I’m working with!! Eventually we’d like to replace the half-wall with a decorative stair railing to open up the hallway a bit more. The king sized white flannel sheet is waiting to be used in my design wall, and the pink Modern Marks fabric has been washed and will be an experiment in sewing clothing made from my fabric. (I’ll post more about that later if all goes well!)

Christa's Sewing Room

You can just barely see the corner nook area peeking out in the far right of this photo.

Here’s what the space looks like on the wall opposite the cabinets. Those big foam core insulation sheets will become my design wall and I have a nice window to look out of while I’m working at the computer. We installed a floor plug in the middle of the room so that I could set up my sewing table without having cords running across the room.

I still need to purchase a nicer office desk and I’m looking to replace the sewing table with one that’s a bit larger with an attached side table. I also need to add color to those walls in the form of quilts, but one step and one project at a time, right??

The Bonus Area

Christa's Sewing Space

Now I just need to add quilts on the walls and a cozy side chair to this area.

My space has a bonus corner nook which serves as my cutting and packaging station. I was able to pull the cabinets a few inches away from the wall, and get a custom width counter top that extends to 30″ (rather than the standard 26″) to give me enough room for cutting. I was also able to lower the cabinets by an inch since I’ve very short. This space is much more ergonomic compared to the table top height I was using before.

Christa's Sewing Room

My shipping materials fit in the shelves underneath so that whenever someone orders some of my fabric, or one of my patterns, it’s super quick and easy to fulfill their order! I love having plenty of room to roll out a bolt of fabric and cut yardage quickly and easily as well as cutting smaller pieces for my own quilts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my new workspace and I can’t wait for the exciting new things I’ll be creating here!!

Christa's Sewing Room

My mom got me a cute wooden plaque that says “In this room we quilt.”
The quilt themed clock was a Christmas gift from Moda.

29 thoughts on “Home Update – My Dream Sewing Room!!

    • Paula Eeds says:

      I love how you organized your sewing area. I especially seeing how you organized your things too. . I am going to go to Ikea to get cabinets like yours. I Desperately need to get a new table for my Bernina 750 qe. What and where did you get your Bernina table? I think this one would work for me.

  1. Anne Brennan says:

    Like so many others, I love your ruler drawer! I hate those ruler holders because they move around and tip over. Your idea of lining a drawer bottom with them would eliminate that problem. Well done, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Helen Davalos says:

    My favorite drawer is the Ruler drawer – every size fits!! Congratulations on your new sewing room, it’s beautiful. I wish you the very best with your new home:)

  3. thatfabricfeelingcom says:

    Thank you for allowing us to see your incredible space. You so deserve to have a work environment that is tidy and organized…leaving you all the time to create!! I only wish I would be able to stay organized. It is a challenge but having well thought out cabinetry is golden!! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next. You are inspiring so many of us and best of luck on your new house.

  4. Sq_Dancer576@live.com says:

    I’m jealous!!!. But love your space and ideas. Looks like a great place to zone out and be creative. Denise

    Sent from Outlook


    • Brenda Anderson-Sebastian says:

      Love the way that your cabinet spaces (drawers & vertical openings) fit the things that you need to store! Amazing how many items are neatly concealed/organized in them. We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago & I kept the island Corian counter to create a larger cutting table. I love that it is so much deeper (front to back) than my old one. I also have a cedar closet (non-conforming basement bedroom) that I store my larger fabrics/yarn, etc. in. I have a Hoosier cabinet base that works wonderfully for storing my machine embroidery threads. However, by time I add my sewing cabinet, bookshelf of fabrics (sorted by color in clear plastic storage containers) & my ironing board, my space is somewhat cluttered. Love your idea of making a design wall from flannel sheet. Spring is perfect time to find these on clearance. Where did you buy the foam panels? How heavy are they? Love everything you’ve done!!

  5. Mary Grass says:

    Oh my goodness, a dream for sure! I’m happy for you, Christa! Keep turning out your great work, . Mary Grass

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Rochelle E. Staffieri says:

    What a beautiful space in which to work! I have an Ikea kitchen from a year ago and I still love it. You designed yours with room to spare. Thank you for sharing your layout and organization! I look forward to your quilts!

  7. Pauline Michaud says:

    What a beautiful studio and well thought out! I absolutely love your idea for storing your rulers… I’m hoping to achieve something similar when I get my new house. Thanks for sharing.

  8. JANET LANGE says:

    I have really enjoyed your home updates. Your sewing room truly is a dream room! Congratulations Christa!

  9. Lisa Toth says:

    Congratulations on your new space! I must admit I am very jealous! I love that you store your fabric behind closed doors. I worry about fading as I have had that happen when I was sewing for my girls.

  10. Hedy says:

    I am so happy for you having this beautiful studio. I recently bought kitchen cabinets for my very small sewing room (thank you for the idea) and the room might be totally finished by this weekend. I love your new space and it will be beautiful with your quilts on the walls. Thank you for the look see.

  11. Becky Ezra says:

    wow sooo great, can i borrow your studio forever :). bless. may the inspiration and aspiration be with you forever.

  12. Jean says:

    What a wonderful update! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous new sewing room with us! The colors are just perfect! The cabinets are amazing! And the flooring is perfect!
    -Jean ❤

  13. Janice King says:

    Thank you for sharing your updates. Love how your cabinets have come together! Sewing room envy here! Lol! What I especially love is your ruler drawer! What a great idea! Best wishes for many enjoyable days spent there.

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