Come See Me at Spring Quilt Market 2019 in Kansas City!

This week I head off to Kansas City, Missouri for Spring 2019 international quilt market – the quilting industry trade show. I’ll have new fabric, quilts and patterns to share plus loads of inspiration! Catch live daily updates from me on instagram @christaquilts – and if you’ll be at the show, please be sure to come say hi during my in-person events below:

Geo Pop by Christa Watson

Ask your local quilt shop to order Geo Pop from their Benartex sales rep.
Click here to view Geo Pop fabric swatches.

Schedule of Events

  • Thursday 1:55-2:25 PM Schoolhouse Session, Room 2209
  • Friday 8-9 AM Business Seminar – click here to register
  • Friday-Sunday during show hours –  meet and greet in booth #2111

  • Friday 2:30 PM Designer Showcase Booth 2111 – free goody bags for attendees
  • Saturday 11 AM Designer Showcase Booth 211 – free goody bags for attendees

Benartex Designer ShowcaseJoin me and the other Benatex designers shown above to learn more about our new collections, grab a goody bag and take pics of our booths – it will be super fun!!

Quilt Market Newsletter Feature

Speaking of quilt market, I was pleased to be featured in the April Edition of eInsider – News and Trends from Quilt Market. Click here to read my interview.

Geo Pop by Christa Watson

Click here to preorder Geo Pop FQ Bundles, shipping Aug/Sept 2019.



Click here to view the entire line from Benartex. You can order directly online from Benartex, from your independent sales rep, or from most major distributors:


Please ask your favorite local quilt shop to carry it. If you don’t have one nearby,
click here to preorder FQ bundles for a limited time (one per person, please).

Geo Pop Fabric

Geo Pop includes 25 skus of saturated geometrics with black and gray neutrals.

2 thoughts on “Come See Me at Spring Quilt Market 2019 in Kansas City!

  1. Hedy says:

    I read your interview and it’s great. I remember ordering one of your kits online and how I loved it. Turned out so easy and cute. From then I started following you, I think this was about 8-9 years ago before you designed fabrics or even changed your logo. I see you are going to be teaching with Eleanor Burns ! WOW! A true legend. What a marvelous rise to the top of the quilting world. Please stay humble, I’ve met some of the biggies and they were such a disappointment. One huge person in the quilting world was explaining something to me and paused. She told me to clap. At each pause, I had to clap for her. Two other ladies turned away in disgust. So please, don’t ever let your ego get too big. You seem like a true sweetheart and appreciate the little things in life. Have fun in KC. Wish I could go but I’m scheduled for a quilt retreat.

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