My Finished Terrace Dresses (and Matching Shoes)

I’m finally recovered from Quilt Market last week, so I can share with you how my dresses turned out using my new Geo Pop fabric line. “3-D” sewing is new to me, so this was a fun adventure! I began by pairing up my new fabric samples with some of my favorite Fluevogs

Geo Pop Fabric Fluevog Shoes

Which do you think came first – the fabric or the shoes??

Then I made a “muslin” – a practice version (using my Modern Marks fabric) without all the finishing touches so I could test for fit. I used Liesl & Co’s Terrace Dress pattern because it looked easy enough for beginners, and it really was!!

Making a dress from Modern Marks

I used Crossmarks in pink for my “practice” dress before making the real thing.

I don’t have many in-progress pics because I was a hot mess while sewing on a deadline. But I tried tissue fitting and making an FBA (full-bust adjustment) before I finally settled on making a version of the dress according to the size I thought I was on the pattern, without any adjustments. This actually seemed to give me the best result.

Black Yellow Terrace DresssCut pattern pieces all laid out on my design wall – it’s not just for quilts!!

I made a total of 4 of this dress using each color of the “Mosaic Dots” print from my new Geo Pop fabric line from Benartex (shipping in August). I put pockets in the first version which was awesome! But they took a lot of extra time, so I skipped that step in the other 3 versions since I was in a hurry. I also changed up the hem length a couple of times, just to see which I liked better (slightly longer for sure!) I missed getting a good pic of me in the yellow version, but here are the other 3 versions below.

A purple dress with matching purple shoes!!

Terrace Dress in Geo Pop Fabric

I admit it – sometimes my fabric color palette is influenced by my shoe collection!!

Geo Pop Terrace Dress

You can’t go wrong with classic black and white!!
It was fun to try out different sash/belt configurations.

I really enjoyed making these dresses, and am excited to make more clothing. I got a great tip from a seamstress I met when I wondered why the top had a few small wrinkles between the bust dart and shoulder area. She said  I should look for patterns with set in sleeves rather than a cap sleeve – that it would fit my shape better. I’ll be sure to look for that next time!!

If I’ve piqued your curiosity about my new booth and fabrics, don’t worry. I’ll share more about the items in my booth at the of the week, so stay tuned!!

11 thoughts on “My Finished Terrace Dresses (and Matching Shoes)

  1. lookoutmountainquilter says:

    Hi Christa, I enjoy seeing every new line of fabrics you come up with, and clothing is a great advertisement avenue for them! I’ve been making garments for myself, my family and others for years. Sometimes the pattern (according to what the package said for my measurements) fit pretty well. Others, not so much. Then I discovered a book about garment making by a lady named Gale Grigg Hazen titled Fantastic Fit for Every Body (How to alter patterns to flatter any figure). She explained how ready made clothing and patterns are designed to look good on a hanger, not a human body. Each of us is designed uniquely, long back, high waist, small shoulders, large bust, etc. In this book, she gives simple, SIMPLE, alterations to patterns to fit our exact issues for OUR bodies. Applying the wealth of information, and easy techniques found in this book has transformed my garment making to where the garment looks like it was made just for me. Which it was! I look forward to seeing more of your fabrics made into garments!

  2. pbaymiller says:

    If you think pockets are time consuming, just wait til you do set-in sleeves! If you want to stick with this pattern, you can lower the underarm to give you more room in the cap sleeve.
    You know, you have just created another reason to BUY THE SHOES!!!

  3. Hedy says:

    You look great in your dresses and this pattern looks very easy for a beginner. No comment about the shoes 😁.

  4. Mary Roth says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your latest fabric collection . It’s wonderful and so
    versatile. Your shoes are too too cute, and that black ensemble could really go anywhere. Good luck ! You have worked
    so hard and deserve your success.

  5. Karen White says:

    Saw your fabrics on a post by the Quilted Cow and as usual love, love your new fabrics. Can’t wait to see it in the stores

  6. Robin RK says:

    You look terrific! A great idea to match your clothes to your fabrics and look professional! Very proud to follow you.

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