What’s Your Favorite Way to Connect With Me?


Christa Watson Contempo booth Quilt Market 2018

Spring Quiltmarket 2018, showing off Fandangle, my 2nd fabric collection.

I’ve been super busy with quilting the last few years and I’m at a point where social media is starting to take over too much of my quilting life. So I’d like to pare it down to only those channels that will be most effective. Currently I share content across these 6 platforms:

  1. My Newsletter
  2. My Blog (You are Here)
  3. My Instagram (@christaquilts)
  4. My YouTube Channel – Christa Watson
  5. My ChristaQuilts Facebook Group
  6. In-Person Events – Worldwide!

Would you take a quick second to let me know your favorite ways to hear from me? Just leave a comment and select your top couple of choices. This will help me plan things out going forward. Thanks!!

144 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Way to Connect With Me?

  1. Kathy Potts says:

    I get your newsletter through Outlook, and I follow you on Facebook. I enjoy both but you can put either option where it will fit in with the majority.

  2. Ruth Morgan says:

    I like the blog. I am not much on all the other sites. I also enjoy seeing you at shows. Are there different articles on the newsletter? Thanks, Ruth

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  3. Glenna Denman says:

    I always read your blog – I like getting it in my inbox. I also enjoy your Facebook entries. I certainly understand your need to cut back somewhere and do more quilting, and we will all benefit from your added time for creativity.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Your blog or newsletter is perfect for me. Facebook is ok but easy to miss info or a posting and instagram is only good for looking at … prefer to see/read on my laptop.

  5. S Purvis says:

    I love reading your blog and seeing all the photos, too! Very inspiring and motivating. I follow you on Facebook, but sometimes there are so many other posts from people and groups I follow…I know that I never see them all in a timely fashion.

  6. Kris Pedrow says:

    I only read your blog. I rarely go on IG, which doesn’t allow the depth of sharing that blogs do, and keep FB for only personal friends and family contacts.

  7. Kim Muller says:

    Hi Christa! I mostly connect with you via your blog that is sent to my email. Also I follow you on Instagram (I’m kimmquilts), but I only go on IG about once a week. Good luck! I’ve stopped using FB for the same time problems you’re having. Best, Kim Muller


  8. Mary Ramsay says:

    I get your bog on my email. I really like the Instagram and the #instagram you post. I also use your YouTube posts for quilting ideas. Do not use Facebook. I have used many of your quilting ideas from all of the above in my quilting. You have been a real inspiration to my quilting.

  9. Patricia Evans says:

    I’m so happy to see so many replies favoring the blog. That’s my choice, too. I don’t do Facebook at all and I’m finding Instagram to be a time waster.

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