My Christmas Wish: To Partner with a Sewing Machine Table Company

Almost a year ago we moved into our new home and I began looking for a new sewing table to replace this one that I’ve had for over 20 years.

Christa's Quilt Studio

The quilt shown on the design wall is my Color Weave Quilt Pattern.

The main reason I want to replace it is because every single time I share a picture of it on social media, everyone wants to know where I got it from, and I don’t have an answer for them. I bought it from a dealer who’s no longer in business and I don’t even know the brand of table it is. I’ve looked long and hard through ALL the current companies out there and have never been able to find it again.

Christa's Sewing Table

Another view of my sewing room, before we installed the design wall.

But more to the point, this table has served me well, but there are a lot of features I wish it had. For example, when I first set it up in the middle of my new larger studio space, it actually doesn’t work well here because there’s no ledge on the back of the table to keep the quilt from falling off while quilting. I quilted a few quilts like this but struggled to keep the quilt on the table.

So I moved my table to the back wall of my space, underneath the window in my sewing studio.

Christa's Sewing Room

This is a current quilt pattern I’m working on, so stay tuned for details in a few months!

Pushing my table against the wall works better because the wall can block the quilt from falling off the table. However, I’ve had to add small tray table in front of the table to form an L and hold up the quilt to my left. Of course this isn’t pretty and it also blocks access to the drawer, but it works in a pinch!

Here’s a similar setup from my sewing space in my old house that we moved from. I used a plastic table or ironing board to hold the bulk of the quilt on the left. Again, this is practical, but not very pretty:

Sewing Table in Use

This quilt is Beaded Lanterns, a free pattern using precut Fandangle Strips.

I’ve gotten lots and lots of suggestions for other tables to try , but here’s the problem: They either aren’t all that pleasing to look at, or they are way too big. Or they have too many bells and whistles which jack up the price to be more than the cost of the machine!

Below is my setup again, and notice how I’ve also added another small table to the right of the machine, tucked into the corner. This is to hold notions and things that would fall off the side of the table. As you can see, when there’s nothing to hold up the quilt in the front of the machine, it falls off the table again!

Christa's Sewing Table

This quilt in progress is made from neutrals from several of my fabric lines.

So one of my goals in the new year (or next several years) is to try and find a table manufacturer that wants to work with me to design and create the PERFECT domestic machine quilting table. To be clear, I’m not just looking for a “custom” solution for myself. I want to be an ambassador for THE PERFECT TABLE so that I can endorse it and share it with thousands of fans, followers, and machine quilting students. After all, one of my main reasons in being a quilting educator is to make the process easier for YOU!!

So here is what I’m looking for:

  • The piece should be a table that stays up all the time, NOT an overpriced cabinet.
  • It should measure between 60-66″ inches at the longest side. Anything larger than that and it simply wont fit in most quilters’ sewing spaces.
  • The depth should be about 36″-40″
  • It should have some sort of extension forming an L on the left
  • It should include an optional fly out leaf on the right to hold notions
  • The hole for the machine should be positioned as far to the RIGHT as possible,
    not in the MIDDLE!
  • It should have a lip on the back to hold up the quilt if needed.
  • It should retail for $2,000 or LESS.

Machine Quiltin Scrunching and Smooshing

I’m “scrunching and smooshing” my Infrastructure Quilt through the machine on my table.

I’m putting this out there to the universe in the hopes that the right partner will see this, or someone out there has connections to a company who’d be interested in working with me as their spokesperson. If I can find the PERFECT domestic machine quilting table, I’ll be singing their praises all day long!!

So how about you? What’s your wish for the perfect sewing table, or other studio furniture??

37 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish: To Partner with a Sewing Machine Table Company

  1. kassandra smith says:

    I feel you about this!
    I sew professionally and sometimes have to take my work home as well. I have a nice space for basic work, but seeing a 6yrd×1yrd piece of cloth gets awkward!

    I found a tall hamper that is tall enough so the work can fall off behind. At work we have a “trough”. I wonder if it would work for holding your work at a diagonal off the back? I really love some of the units I’ve seen but many are way above what I can afford or just too big for my space. I need a collapsable cutting table w storage options (I like the cubes and shelves style) and the support to store and handle the occasional serger without vibrating to death!

    At the moment I’m shopping for a desk that I can retrofit. Thrift store shopping… 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    I too have been looking for a sewing table. Glad you posted and I have acquired several websites from other posts to look into. Also I am thinking about getting a Bernina sewing machine.

  3. Deborah says:

    Try horn of america. They have great cabinets. Have you considered talking to someone at Bernina? They are always looking to improve by listening to the consumer’s feedback and they might partner with a business for your concerns. We all have similar requests to optimize our sewing needs with the incredible technology we have today. Sewing cabinets need to keep up in that respect..

  4. Tracey Cook says:

    OMG I have the exact same sewing table!!!! And I bought it from a dealer about 20 yrs ago. Still use it. I’m going to have my son build the other tables I need when I move into a new sewing studio in a few months. I feel your pain! I just want sturdy!!

  5. Patricia Redmond says:

    Definitely what we need, with the hole suitable for the larger embroidery/sewing machines, and price to include an infill piece suitable for your machine with the option to buy a different one when you change your machine.

  6. Joan Sheppard says:

    I was just dreaming through the Office Depot/Office Max site. I like the hutch pieces that they sell under “Realspace” brand/logo. The doors lift up not out like kitchen cabinets. Wish I had a whole wall of law office style storage. The doors lift up, the trays slide out. They are also only 12 inches deep. So I could fold my fabric all the same way put it away up or piled but it would be easy to get to and still out of sun damage and GASP dust and dog fur. I use an old clothes dresser now and the drawers are too deep and I pack it in and it’s too tight and heavy.
    I’m loving this planning with so many people. You are really on to something here and can’t wait to see what happens.

  7. Deanne Candler says:

    Hi Christa, check out Sylvia Design Cabinets, manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA…I have used one of their cabinets for 20+ years and it’s still like new, has most or all of your required pieces yet when folded as a regular sewing machine table takes up very little space…well worth taking a look and it’s got to be good, Made in Canada!!! Merry Christmas, Deanne Candler

  8. Joann E. says:

    I have one from tracy’s tables. Love it. Has 6 drawers, extensions in back , left side and a pull out in front. Built sturdy with no bouncing when sewing. I dont remember the price but very reasonable.

  9. Abbie says:

    I love all your ideas for the perfect table. One thing I would add is that the table height be adjustable. Most tables can be too high and therefore uncomfortable to sew a for long lengths of time.

    • Joan Sheppard says:

      Agreed. We come in all heights and tolerance of heights. Can we also go for the gold and ask for a tilt table for the sewing machine. I currently use a rubber door stop (don’t laugh, it works) to tilt the machine for better light and visibility. I also use 2 vintage tv stands with magazines piled on top with a hollow plain door so it is higher than a store bought table. I can flip it up and put it in a closet if I need the space. Olfa cutting boards are glued on – cutting surface 36 x 72.

  10. Joan Sheppard says:

    One more thing. The foot pedal. Can the new work table have an adjustable PERMANENT place for the foot pedal. I chase mine all over the floor and have even tried gluing it down. By adjustable I mean height. My grandsons are starting to sew and they have to put the pedal on a box or stand up while sewing. Neither works well for me. Think 6 yr old standing on the gas pedal. While they like sewing I want to encourage them and not throw too many spanners in the works. Plus I want everything everyone else wants. And Peace on Earth for Christmas. Thanks for asking.

    • Beth says:

      I too had trouble finding the perfect table and found myself way off the sewing path. A sports store had their ping pong tables on sale which fold in the middle so I can cut fabric and the legs are adjustable. There is also plenty of room under it for short cabinets, boxes, drawers etc.

  11. Chris K says:

    I’ve ordered a Seeing Station from, but I haven’t received it yet so I don’t know how satisfactory it will be. It’s a new product, so I mention it here just for those who are looking It’s the best price I’ve seen for an electric lift.

      • Derek says:

        By electric lift, are you referring to a table that can be raised and lowered electrically, or to a type of sewing machine? I want one of the former, though it could be manually raised with spring assistance, like a VeriDesk computer/screen table.

  12. Stearns Carol says:

    I have a similar table I bought at the LQS, has a drawer on the left. Trouble is, I pile it so high with thread storage and other stuff, there is never any space for quilting. I do like it though. Dont know the name of it as it was on clearance.

  13. Keri says:

    I got my table from Tracy’s Tables at Festival several years ago – it has a pull-out extension on the left above drawers and 3 leafs that more than double the square footage of the surface. Mine also has a manual hydraulic lift/sink shelf for the machine, so I can make it a perfectly flat table to baste / fuse, etc. or use the sleeve arm if needed. I don’t remember what I paid, but I did get customizations – like adjusting the height so it would be more comfortable as a cutting surface for me, as I am tall. They delivered and installed it, too, and anytime I have had any problems (mostly when I needed a new acrylic insert for my sewing machine) they are very responsive. Great folks. And they have a lot of new models with different features these days!

  14. Joey says:

    I am still using my 1970 Singer sewing desk that was a graduation present from my Dad! Over the years, I have designed a flap that extends the back of the desk and a friend helped build an insert that fits in the drawer on my left that extends support on my left. Being a disabled senior, I have always dreamed of a Koala cabinet but it has never been in the budget. Good luck in you search and your design!

  15. plrbr1120 says:

    This looks a lot like mine – a Kangaroo Kabinet. Use the insert cover over the open drawer to help with the quilt dropping in front. That would replace the tray table.

  16. Christy says:

    It must have a flatbed in order to piece and quilt easily and a place to use the knee lift. Also – it needs to be delivered PUT TOGETHER as many of us do not have anyone to put the table together.

  17. Susan says:

    My number one requirement is that it doesn’t vibrate when I sew at max speed. Two, that it is easy to raise machine for embroidery use. And drawers are nice.

  18. Judy Carter says:

    I have a table from Ikea with a left return, it is called the Bekant and measures 63″ by 43.5″. Price is $299. No drawers or ledge on the back, but it works. Very sturdy.

  19. Allison Reid says:

    Your specifications sound just right Christa. I have a portable Sewezi table that has a permanent place in my sewing room. I’ve surrounded it with a hodge-podge of tables to create a practical sewing space.
    Happy Christmas!

  20. Judy Veltidi says:

    This is so great that you know exactly what you want/ need, and because of your stature in the quilting community you will most likely be able to find some company to work with you to produce this table…..for your use, and others. Yay! I have been following you for years, watched your “rise”, and am so happy for the things that have come your way…through hard work, determination, and talent.
    Good luck in your search for a company to work with you on this perfect table👍🏻

  21. mvquilts says:

    Have you looked or talked to people at Tracey’s Tables?
    While it doesn’t have all the things you say, my table I got from them does come close. Mainly I remember thinking exactly the same as you – most cabinets out there have so many things I DON’T need and cost a lot because of it and were just way too big! I found Tracey’s Tables in one of the larger national shows and it was like Eureka!! I would think they would be willing to work with you on adding few additional features you are talking about.
    Happy holidays !!

  22. ALEXA LITTLE says:

    Christa, what you have described is just about the same as what I think I would find ideal for the purposes you mention and would be something I would be happy with. Good luck with your endeavours to find a satisfactory solution.

  23. Tonna Marroni says:

    It’s finding all that for no more than $2500 that will be the challenge. I have seen some really great cabinets and tables, but they are at least twice that price.

  24. Donna Widerquist says:

    Tracy’s Tables from Wisconsin has fantastic machine tables/cabinets. I have a cabinet for my machine and also have one of their cutting tables. I love them both!

  25. K Yee says:

    For me ideal requirements are – must be able to sit comfortably straight on to the needle without my knees or chair jamming up to something; opening must be big enough to accommodate all machines (original smaller harp and newer bigger ones); must support the weight and vibration of the machine nicely with no unsteadiness of any kind; ideally some height adjustment which doesn’t need to be fancy and a plain hole filling insert or other way to make it a flat table surface so in the hole to stitch and on top to embroider. For me looks aren’t important. Love my current table which I purchased used. It is very plain and was well used in a school before I got it. So it isn’t pretty. Very sturdy though. Unfortunately it won’t take the newer big machines. Being in Canada further limits choice and/or really pushes up costs.

  26. Regina Ann DeMatteo says:

    Have you tried California Closets or the other local one that I can’t think of right now? They do custom woodworking with closets, so it shouldn’t be a stretch to make a table that they could sell through you. I would also consider a rolling right-side cabinet with drawers for notions that could be pushed under the table when not in use like Koala has done. BTW, I love my Koala tables. Come over and I’ll show you my set up.

  27. Marlyn K Anderson says:

    I would want the table to have drawers for storage of needles, feet, bobbins, some thread and other notions I need by my machine. It would also be great if the height of the table would be adjustable.

    • Lynne Brunner says:
      They carry an excellent line of sewing tables. I don’t know what the brand is. On their website click on the furniture tab. Hope this is an idea.

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