Book Review: Modern Curves and Bold Stripes

I love having talented friends and am pleased as punch when they do amazing things! Well today I want to tell you about this brad new book written by two of my friends, Heather Black and Daisy Aschehoug. It’s called Modern Curves and Bold Stripes, published by C&T publishing.

Modern Curves and BoldStripes

Click here to get a copy of Modern Curves and Bold Stripes.

The premise of the book is 15 fabulous modern designs featuring stripes and curves. Heather designed 8 of them and Daisy designed 7. And let me tell you – they are all so fab!! And one of the most clever things about this book is that it gives instructions to make all of the designs with either a pieced stripe or a printed stripe. How cool is that??

Heather and I have collaborated on several quilt patterns in the past and she’s best known for making amazing curved designs with easy to follow instructions. So if you love curved designs but have been holding back on learning how to piece them, then this is the book for you!

Take a look at a few of Heather’s quilts from the book:

This is the same quilt made twice. It’s called Tidbits. One of them is made with pieced stripes and the other is made from printed strips. Can you tell which is which?? They are both fabulous!!

This next quilt below is called Aurora and it’s just stunning, don’t you think? The stripes are all pieced from solids and I love how she layered it with the curves on top. All of Heather’s designs are such a visual feast and are much easier to piece than they look!

Here’s the second version of Aurora made with a printed fabric to create the background stripe. Isn’t it amazing what a different look it gives to the quilt?

This quilt below is called Retro Spin and I think it’s my favorite one in the book.

There are just so many amazing modern quilts in this book. Heather and Daisy are such amazing designers and I just love everything that they make. I keep reminding myself that I’d like to go more modern with my designs and these gals really inspire me!!

Here are a few more:

Below is Perfect Dozen, made from both pieced and printed stripes in the blocks.

Sunset Horizons, Version 1:

Sunset Horizons Version 2:

I remember when Heather was designing her Festoons quilt below. She showed me her design in progress and it was so neat to see the evolution of a design. She has a knack for designing asymmetrical quilts that are still very balanced.

Here’s the last pair I’ll show you today, and these are just Heather’s quilts. Trust me – Daisy’s are just as stunning, too!

Portals version 1: gotta love that lime and chartreuse!

Portals version 2 – isn’t it amazing how different a quilt looks when made from different fabrics??

The quilting is just as much eye candy as the pieced designs! There are a total of 24 quilts in the book, including the duplicates with pieced or printed stripes. If I had time, I’d make every single one. But you know what – sometimes it’s just fun to look at all the pretty pictures and dream!

This is just a taste of all the fabulous quilts in this book. Be sure to pick up a copy and make a resolution to learn a new technique this year!

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Modern Curves and Bold Stripes

  1. Jami Crane says:

    Did you have any issues with the piecing? I am having a really difficult time and am furstrated with aligning the pieces.

  2. Carmen MacGillivray says:

    Love this book. My new year’s resolution is to learn to piece curves, and I think this just might be a good guide through the process. I have seen some of Heather’s quilts in person, so know she certainly has the know-how to write this book.

  3. Daisy Patterson Aschehoug says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Christa! I absolutely love these quilts and Heather’s design aesthetic!!

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